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Khao Yai is ever-popular amongst tourists for its nature, with a broad appeal to backpackers all over the country. Due to the fact that it’s just 3-hour drive from Bangkok, city folk often make a pitstop to recharge in the countryside and greenery here. When the peak season for holidays come, many hotels will be fully booked by thousands of guests.

But fret not, Green Pix Khaoyai is a rooftop resort that boasts asymmetrical box villas that are stacked on top of each other, for an eye-catching twist to architecture – def a place worth considering for your future sabbaticals in Nakhon Ratchasima.

Let’s find out more about the resort down below.

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Asymmetrical box-themed villa surrounded by greenery

Image credit: Green Pix Khaoyai

At Green Pix Khaoyai, the most iconic features are their colourful box-shaped villas surrounded by tiny trees and bushes with an infinity pool that’s centrally located.

With its modern architecture commingling with the wildness perfectly, it creates a beautiful sanctuary for guests who favour getting lost in nature, but still would prefer all the amenities that come with the civilised world.

Image credit: hotelandresortthailand

We love that there’s a direct walkway in front of the villas, for guests to saunter through a verdant garden with thicc bushes and plants lining the way.

Image credit: @greenpixkhaoyai

All the villas come with covered roofs and small artificial grass fields for guests to lounge around on the rooftops in your free time. Plus points for that evergreen – pardon the pun – backdrop for that mandatory IG shot of you artfully gazing into the distance.

Image credit: Jiraporn Wongchan

Behind the resort, there’s a small garden full of miniature pots of plants sitting side by side on the shelf – basically a hidden nook that’s a refreshing change of pace if you wanna hide from everyone else after a stressful day.

We’d snap a selfie with a preferred cactus before heading on to their beautiful pools which we’ll cover next.

Box villas come with private plunge pools

Image credit: รายการ Pet Lover BY Jerhigh

To help you select a room, let’s go through some options in terms of price and amenities for you to consider before booking. You might wanna check out this Corner Suite from ฿3,300 (~USD100)/night with a bathtub to chill in and gaze at the mountains through the blinds.

Image credit: Wonder Y. Prk

However; if a just bathtub doesn’t sound sufficient for your stay, the Villa Superia lets you soak in an actual “plunge pool” with powerful jets for an aquatic massage from ฿6,000 (~USD181)/night.

Last but not least, if you’re a proud cafe-hopper, Green Pix Khaoyai is home to a rooftop cafe with beautiful aerial views of the complex.

In-house rooftop cafe with drinks and desserts

Image credit: Chompoo Parnpetch Jaenglaew

Walking up here, you’ll be greeted with a spacious dining area decorated with traditional lamps hanging from the ceiling and a large shelf of books on the side. As for the main seating area, you’ll spot minimalist tables accented by vases, candles and photo frames.

Image credit: Chompoo Parnpetch Jaenglaew

They also provide outdoor seating with an open railing concept for that 10/10 bar side experience, perfect for guests who wish to get a clear view of the scenery. If you don’t mind getting warmed by the glow of sunlight, sitting outdoors isn’t a bad idea to vibe in this tranquil atmosphere. For more deets on their menu, do check out their Facebook page.

Green Pix Khaoyai is a 3-hour drive from Bangkok

With minimalist designs that stand out from other typical accommodations, we’d recommend that you note down this resort for your next trip to Khao Yai. It’s also a great option to convince your buddies who are newcomers in Thailand and keen to behold a green landscape near Bangkok.

Since it takes approximately 3-hours to drive here from Bangkok, I’d say it’s really worth paying this hidden gem a visit if you’re backpacking in the Land of Smiles.

Green Pix Khaoyai
Address: 189 Pak Chong District, Nakhon Ratchasima 30230
Telephone: +66 9 0957 0289
Green Pix Khaoyai’s Facebook | Google Maps

Cover images adapted from (Clockwise from Top Left): Chompoo Parnpetch Jaenglaew, Green Pix Khaoyai, HotelAndResortThailand

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