U Khao Yai is a resort that looks like a French castle

Visiting Europe is a dream for most of us. France, in particular, is one of the European countries that gain a lot of attention owing to its architecture, history, and cuisine etc.

Given the situation over the past two years, it’s been difficult for us to travel abroad, and we know you guys have been longing for that.

So here’s U Khao Yai, a resort in Khao Yai, Nakhon Ratchasima. The establishment doesn’t just kind of look like the French countryside, but also has elements that will take you back to historic times.

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U Khao Yai reminds us of France

French castles are exquisite establishments that we have admired throughout history. But, we can only live in such luxe places in our imaginations, since they’ve mostly been converted into museums and tourist attractions.

Additionally, we don’t even consider it easy to just visit castles in France – never mind living in one. It takes a lot of time and money.

Image credit: U Khao Yai

But, for people in Thailand, that’s no longer the case. We have U Khao Yai — a French castle-like resort — and are excited to present it to people who thirst for France.

It’s also surrounded by a French-style village and has a backdrop of the expansive mountains.

A picture of the French countryside will appear in your mind.
Image credit: Paksabuy

Also, you can see a moat around the resort, which can help you feel relaxed while walking along and looking at the water.

Image credit: Ariawah Auddy

Looking closer at the European-style village around the castle, you can also find houses designed in historic French country styles that are sited side by side.

U Khao YaiImage credit: Painaidii

With all these factors, it’d be safe to say that you’ll probably think to yourself that this is definitely not in Thailand.

Image credit: Maamjourney

Standing in front of the resort, 2 barbicans on the sides come into your sight, and you will feel the mellowness of the cream color on the walls.

Now let’s go to see their lovely rooms.

Rest in lovely rooms amidst French-style houses

After driving three hours over from Bangkok, you can have a good rest in these rooms, or chill out at the balcony and enjoy the views of the countryside around the resort.

U Khao Yai
Image credit: Bestiewanderer

Have a good stay in this Superior Room for ฿2,300 (~USD69) per night. The room includes free Wi-Fi and breakfast.

With the design itself as well as its vintage furniture, the room will give you an ambience of living in a classic palace. Plus, its vast space and king-size bed that can accommodate up to three people adds to the royal-feel.

U Khao YaiImage credit: Chillpainai

In addition, if you look for a larger room with a view of the moat, you can go for this Deluxe Double for ฿2,519 (~USD76)

Image credit: Chillpainai

On the balcony, there’s a little table and a chair for you to lounge and take joy in staring at the mountainside.

After a good sleep, an activity can be something that people look for in the next day.

Kayak paddling & free bicycles for rent

Apparently, certain activities and holiday suit each other. What we mean is, there are some tried-and-true pairings between certain vacations and the activities you undertake that are guaranteed to take the vacation to the next level.

U Khao YaiImage credit: U Khao Yai

One such one-true-pairing is boating and nature getaways.

Here, you can rent a kayak with the hourly rate being ฿400 (~USD12)/person, and paddle it along the moat comfortingly.

U Khao YaiImage credit: Ariawah Auddy 

Or, you can enjoy the complimentary bicycles and ride around the resort. We’d suggest crossing over from the castle to the village side to see the design.

Moreover, they have flexible offers for their lovely guests.

24-hr check-in & out and flexible breakfast

Another thing that makes this resort unique from others is their flexible check-in & out and breakfast, so guests are in complete control of their schedules.

Image credit: Chillpainai

To clarify what’s said above, you can check in at any time and check out after 24 hours of your check-in time, so you can spend time fully in this resort to rejoice in the environs.

Image credit: Bestiewanderer

U Khao Yai also offers the ‘U Choosing Program’ that lets you choose your own tea, soaps, pillows, and music.

U Khao YaiImage credit: Ariawah Auddy

And, don’t worry, we didn’t forget about the all-day breakfast. For those who hate waking up in the early morning but do not want to miss the hotel breakfast either, here, you can have the first meal of the day whenever you crave.

Book your stay with this French castle-like resort

Getting here takes a little under three hours from Bangkok, and even if it takes more, it’s worth the drive.

And as I mentioned before, here lets you check in and out at any time, so you don’t have to worry about the time you get here.

I’m sure you must wow once you step your foot in this resort due to its surroundings that will make you think of France in the past.

U Khao Yai
Address: 99/22 Moo 1, Mu Si, Pak Chong, Nakhon Ratchasima 30130
+66 4 4079 999
U Khao Yai’s Facebook | Google Maps

Cover images adapted from (Clockwise from Top Left): U Khao Yai, โน่น นั่น นี่, U Khao Yai, Chillpainai

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