Girl cries loudly in fear of her father

There are several types of punishments that we used to experience as kids.

Even though experts these days suggest other ways of teaching children what’s right from wrong – with reasoning techniques and modelling behavior – parents can still use old-school punishments as a ploy to surprise their children with gifts.

Here’s the story of father in Udon Thani who threatened to punish his daughter, but later surprised her with a smartphone.

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Father threatens to punish his daughter

On 11th November 2021, a Thai man in Udon Thani scolded his daughter for not answering his calls and not being transparent with him about her plans. The man also threatened to punish his daughter with a whip in his hand, unless she came out to talk to him.

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Discover More On TikTok

A video of the event was posted onto TikTok by @supaporn…lhalun.

GIF: @supaporn…lhalun

While being scolded by her father, the girl cried loudly and stepped back inside her home.

Nevertheless, the man managed to convince his daughter to walk out and speak to him by saying that he had something for her under the seat of his motorcycle.

GIF: @supaporn…lhalun

His daughter decided to come out, but kept herself a safe distance away from her father – for fear of the whip in his hand – before opening the back of the motorcycle.

Little did she know that this was all a plan to surprise her with a gift she had been longing for.

The girl gets surprised with a new mobile phone

Upon seeing the smartphone, the girl seemed so surprised that she didn’t even know whether to laugh or cry with the ongoing situation.

GIF: @supaporn…lhalun

But, it turned out that the girl cried even louder as she kept saying “I thought you’re going to thrash me”.

GIF: @supaporn…lhalun

Finally, the girl dared to approach her father and proceeded to kiss his cheeks as a symbol of thanks and love.

Netizens react & laugh at the girl’s reaction

After the clip went viral on TikTok – it garnered over 264K likes – many netizens made hilarious comments on the clip and laughed at the girl’s reaction.

Screenshot: @supaporn…lhalun

Translation: When I was young, my mother used the same trick. But when I ran out, she trashed me like crazy.

One netizen shared her experience and said that it was different from this girl’s, as the commenter’s mother trashed her instead of surprising her with a new phone.

Screenshot: @supaporn…lhalun

Translation: Daddy should be careful now because his daughter may tell his secrets to her mother. LOL

However, another netizen suggested that the father should be careful because his daughter may blackmail him.

No Pain, No Gain

One good reason behind why our parents punished us is that they want us to be well-disciplined individuals. While we understand that now, we may have seen undergoing the consequences of our actions as torture when we were kids.

It’s just like they say: sometimes, we need to suffer in order to achieve something.

Like, in certain situations, we may need to cry first in order to get surprised with a happy ending.

Cover images adapted from: @supaporn…lhalun

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