Little girl steals drink from spirit house

In Thailand, it’s very common to see spirit shrines in front of people’s houses. In our culture, we believe that if we worship ghosts and/or guardian spirits, they will bring us good fortune and make our wishes come true.

Once they fulfill our hopes, we have to offer them bottles of red drinks as a symbol of thanks – such offerings symbolize our blood being sacrificed to please the entities.

However, in certain situations, our bottles of red drinks are offered to quench the thirst of humans instead.

Here’s the story of Thai girl in Nakhon Ratchasima who stole a red drink from a spirit house.

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Little Kuman Thong caught stealing spirits’ red drink on camera

On 8th November 2021, TikTok user, @tk_t1_k1, posted a clip of a little girl stealing a bottle of red drink from a spirit house in Nakhon Ratchasima.

GIF: @tk_t1_k1

The clip saw the girl, dubbed “Little Kuman Thong” by the person behind the camera, pouring the sacrificial drink into a glass and taking a long sip of it through a straw – before the very eyes of the holy spirits.

GIF: @tk_t1_k1

This smooth robber seemed to be unafraid of the spiritual entities as she continued to sit under the shrine without fear and acted as if nothing happened.

GIF: @tk_t1_k1

Thanks to the girl’s innocence, she didn’t even get scolded by her grandmother for being caught red handed stealing the spirit’s offerings.

Netizens react and think she’s too cute to be punished

After the clip went viral on TikTok, many netizens commented on the video – admiring the girl’s innocence and purity.

Screenshot: @tk_t1_k1

Translation: That’s okay. The spirit shrine’s owner gave her permission to drink, such a pretty girl.

One netizen commented that the spirit allowed her to drink the red liquid because she’s pretty and innocent.

Screenshot: @tk_t1_k1

Translation: If her grandmother joined for a drink, that would be more hilarious. LOL

Another audience member shared his funny idea for the story to go beyond our expectations: if her grandmother also took a sip.

Respect is important

Even though the girl is exempted from being punished by the holy spirits, drinking or eating spirits’ offerings without asking for permission is considered inappropriate by Thai people.

So, it’s very necessary to pay respect to the holy entities because they may not be merciful to us if we do what this little girl did.

Cover images adapted from: @tk_t1_k1

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