Giant snake caught hiding inside a car’s console

Cars can sometimes fail to start due to a number of reasons – typically due to issues with the engine or battery.

However, in certain situations, the car’s problems can actually stem from a creature being stuck in the engine.

Undoubtedly, in this unexpected scenario, a trained animal handler is the only person who will be able to deal with the situation.

Here’s the story of a snake catcher in Prachuap Khiri Khan who helped rescue a ~3M snake from being permanently stuck in a car’s dashboard.

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Snake catcher removes massive snake from the car’s console

On 9th November 2021, Thai TikToker, @mind_phuvadech, posted a clip of himself rescuing a humongous snake from the inside of a car’s dashboard.

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The TikTok was posted with the hilarious caption, “We almost lost our breath after we helped him out safely.”

Earlier, the snake catcher and his team were called to rescue the snake by the car’s owner, who explained that the console of his car seemed to be larger than usual for unknown reasons.

GIF: @mind_phuvadech

In the video, the man is seen having to remove the dashboard in order to withdraw the serpent from the car’s console.

The animal was said to be very strong and powerful. The snake’s removal had completely exhausted the man as well as others who assisted in the rescue.

Image credit: @mind_phuvadech

The snake was finally removed – unharmed – before being dropped into a plastic bag.

Netizens react to a snake being rescued from the car’s console

After the clip went viral on TikTok, many netizens commented on the video.

Screenshot: @mind_phuvadech

Translation: He almost had to remove all parts of the car. LOL

One netizen commented that almost all the parts of the car’s interior were removed.

Screenshot: @mind_phuvadech

Translation: It would be easier for him to remove the snake if he cut the snake into pieces.

Another netizen suggested that the snake catcher dissect the python into pieces, so he could withdraw the reptile easily.

Good fortune might await car’s owner

We really hope that the reptile has already returned safely into nature and learned an important lesson in his life.

Also, we feel sorry for the car’s owner because he cannot sue the animal who ruined his car for damage fees. But, perhaps he may win the lottery afterwards. Who knows?

Cover images adapted from: @mind_phuvadech

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