Take a virtual tour of Ghibli Museum in Japan 

Take a virtual tour at Studio Ghibli MuseumImages adapted from: 三鷹の森ジブリ美術館 GHIBLI MUSEUM, MITAKA and itinari

Since February, Netflix has been streaming iconic from Japanese animation house, Studio Ghibli, with over 21 iconic titles like My Neighbour Totoro and Ponyo

Now, Ghibli fans can fulfil their dream of visiting the Ghibli Museum in Japan via a free virtual tour on YouTube.  

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An inside look at the museum

Tour at Japan's Studio Ghibli Museum Image credit: itinari

The Ghibli Museum recently launched its official YouTube channel to take all fans on a virtual journey through the space while everyone is stuck at home during COVID-19. The museum is also currently closed due to the pandemic.

Take a virtual tour at Studio Ghibli MuseumTake a tour around the museum and see how it looks at night and in the day

The channel will be posting videos of different parts of the museum weekly. There are currently 5 videos where viewers can see the intricate sets inspired by the animes themselves.

Take a virtual tour at Studio Ghibli MuseumInside the Straw Hat Café

new animation from Studio Ghibli Museum
Image credit:

If you are interested in joining the tour, visit their channel here

Aside from that, fans can stay tuned for Ghibli’s upcoming film titled How Do You Live? from Hayao Miyazaki, which the team is hoping to release within the next few years. 

For now, we’ve got the dreamy Ghibli Museum and Netflix to keep us company while waiting for the next movie! 

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