Free rides on Thailand’s new red line

Bangkok’s Bang Sue Station is said to be Southeast Asia’s largest railway station. Even in the midst of Covid-19, the station still presents new upgrades, such as launch of the Red Line on 2nd August 2022.

Residents can enjoy free rides on the Red Line’s electric trains until the end of October 2021. Here’s what you can expect from the State Railway of Thailand’s (SRT) new services, in addition to the complimentary transport.

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Free rides along the Red Line until October 2021 

The SRT Red Line’s electric trains started operating on 2nd August 2021. Rides along the new line will be free until the end of October 2021. From November 2021, passengers will be charged from ฿12 (~USD1) to ฿42 (~USD2) – these are said to be the least expensive fare amongst all of Bangkok’s public rail systems.

From Bang Sue, the line goes along two different directions. The “Light Red” line goes from the main station to Taling Chan, while the “Dark Red” line travels from Bang Sue through to Rangsit, according to BK Magazine.

Image credit: Railway Technology

While these free rides may be as tempting as bite-sized food samples in supermarkets, it’s important to keep your safety in mind. The SRT is only going to allow half the number of maximum passengers per train in order to enforce social distancing.

Image credit: Bangkok Post

Making city commutes easier

Here’s a shoutout to those fostering innovation and developments. The SRT Red Line will make it much easier for those living on Bangkok’s outskirts to commute into the city. Plus, it could also decrease traffic congestion.

This infrastructural expansion is probably music to the ears of many commuters and drivers.

We are looking forward to a more advanced future that’ll improve everyone’s well-being.

Cover image adapted from: Kapook

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