Burger King Thailand Valentine’s Set 

February is a festive month for many – with Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year coming up, and within two days of each other, people are scrambling to find ways to show their appreciation for their loved ones

Burger King Thailand just made that a little easier for all of us with their discounted V-Day themed “Black And Pink Burgers” – an Angus Beef burger with double grilled onions with a Charcoal bun for him, and a pink grilled salmon burger for her.

Have it your way 

Burger King announced the Black and Pink Burger sets on 2nd February 2021 on their Facebook page –  the Black Burger would have its price reduced from ฿219 to ฿149, while the Pink Salmon burger will be available for just ฿89, instead of its regular price of ฿139. The deals will be available until 1st March 2021. 

Image credit: Burger King Thailand

The Whopper creator’s post stated the duo would be so fin, a slang term in Thai that means “satisfying”,  that people would jik mon, which translates to “clutch their pillows” – sounds like the post should’ve ended with a “wink” emoji.

Valentines Day Burger King

Screenshot: Burger King Thailand

This wouldn’t be the first time that Burger King has run humorously suggestive ads – back in 2009, the sandwich royal debuted their 7 inch sandwich which was guaranteed to blow your mind away. Though a common saying, the Singaporean ad agency opted to use a photo that caused consumers’ minds to run.  

Valentines Day Burger King
Image credit: Natalie Cupac

Celebrate the month of love

The Burger King Black And Pink Sets are available across Thailand, and for delivery via 1112. With up a ฿50 discount on the pink salmon burger and a ฿70 baht discount on the charcoal angus burger to incentivise buyers in the post-Covid economy, it’s comical that the burger mogul is also uses humour to lighten the mood.

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Featured images adapted from: Burger King Thailand, Destination Thailand News 

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