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Backyard Gyoza is a chain that was created by a group of friends in 2017, and this small gyoza vendor near Lat Phrao serves a gigantic box of stuffed dumplings that could fill you up for days.

The original Backyard Gyoza is located in Minburi, in the outskirts of Bangkok. From there, it has expanded to have five franchise chains all around North-Eastern Bangkok, including this little vendor in Lat Phrao..

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Small eatery with delicious comfort food

Gyoza restaurant in BangkokImage credit: Backyard Gyoza

The decoration of Backyard Gyoza at Lat Phrao is very sleek and modern, with an open kitchen in front where everything is cooked. While Backyard Gyoza’s original branch in Minburi has plenty of seats, the Lat Phrao branch only has two as it mainly focuses on delivery.

Gyoza restaurant in BangkokImage credit: Backyard Gyoza

Every stuffed wonton at Backyard Gyoza is freshly made for every order – like how you and your friends might cook food at a backyard party. From the wrappers to the fillings, we could see the chef passionately roll each gyoza, fry and serve in a beautiful customised box ready for delivery.

Dumplings to try at Backyard Gyoza

gyoza restaurant bangkok

There are five different flavours (Original, Cheese, Spicy Mala, Larb and Teriyaki) and three meat options (Pork, Meat and Shrimp) at Backyard Gyoza. On our visit, we ordered Original, Cheese, Spicy Mala and Teriyaki pork gyozas.

gyoza restaurant bangkok

The first thing we noticed after our box was served was the pizza-like arrangement of the dumplings. 30 pieces of delicious-looking gyoza were symmetrically arranged in a circular shape with four different flavour sections.

gyoza restaurant bangkok

When it finally came to the taste test, all four flavours didn’t fail to impress. The gyoza were pan fried on one side – resulting in a synergy of crunchiness and softness from the un-fried side of the gyoza.

gyoza restaurant bangkok

The tray brings a variety of flavours – the hot and numbing sensations from mala will satisfy anyone’s cravings for spicy food. In order to carry on with eating, simply take a bite from the rich and creamy cheese to neutralise the spice; next, visitors can enjoy a teriyaki inspired gyoza with light squid flakes for all seafood lovers out there

Combining that with extra taste of cheese, spicy Mala and teriyaki with squid flakes, Backyard Gyoza surely delivered the perfect blend of flavours anyone craving for dumplings could have asked for.

There is also a deep-fried or a smaller gyoza serving option available at the restaurant.

gyoza restaurant bangkok

Getting to Backyard Gyoza

gyoza restaurant bangkok

While food delivery is convenient from the Lat Phrao branch, we highly recommend you to drive to the original restaurant for some warm and freshly made dumplings.

To visit the Lat Phrao’s branch, you can take an MRT to Lat Phrao and hop on a ~10-minute taxi ride to the stall.

Backyard Gyoza (Lat Phrao)
Costs: ฿99 – ฿259 (~USD3.30 – USD8.63)
Opening Hours: 11AM – 8.30PM, Daily
Address: 456 Lat Phrao Wanghin Rd, Lat Phrao, Bangkok 10230
Telephone: +66 9 2393 5350
Nearest Train Station: MRT Lat Phrao
Backyard Gyoza Ladprao Branch’s website | Google Maps

Backyard Gyoza (Minburi Original)
Costs: ฿99 – ฿259 (~USD3.30 – USD8.63)
Opening Hours: 11AM – 8PM, Daily
Address: 84 Thanon Rat Phatthana, Saphan Sung, Bangkok 10240
Telephone: +66 6 29469904
Backyard Gyoza Minburi Branch’s website | Google Maps

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