Thai man tests out air-conditioned coffin

There are many hacks to quickly cool down our drinks. The methods we’re familiar with are refrigerating beverages in the freezer and soaking drink containers in iced water.

However, if you’re not satisfied with the results from those tips, you may want try refrigerating drinks in a coffin that’s complete with a cooling system.

Here’s the story of Thai man in Phetchabun who tested out an air-conditioned coffin by refrigerating beer bottles inside.

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Thai man reviews an air-conditioned coffin

On 31st December 2021, a Thai man named Chayuttapong Boopao posted a clip of himself reviewing an air-conditioned coffin on his official TikTok account, @chayuttapongboopao, with the caption “Let’s make good use of this product”.

ใช้สินค้าให้มีประโยชน์ #วิเชียรบุรีโลงเย็น

ใช้สินค้าให้มีประโยชน์ #วิเชียรบุรีโลงเย็น

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This video was posted shortly after the man found his refrigerator was lacking space to store the beer bottles he bought to celebrate the New Year with his friends.

So, he decided to find another cooling storage instead.

The man refrigerates the beer bottles inside the coffin

Due to the refrigerator’s insufficient space, Chayuttapong decided to refrigerate his bottles of beer inside the coffin.

GIF: @chayuttapongboopao 

Surprisingly, the beer turned into jelly in three hours.

GIF: @chayuttapongboopao 

Chayuttapong revealed to the press that he wanted to check out the quality of the coffin’s cooling system before the coffin was delivered to a different customer. He then did an experiment to test the effectiveness of his product.

Screenshot: @chayuttapongboopao 

Chayuttapong celebrated the success of his experiment by drinking too much ice-cold beer, to the point where he got drunk and cracked his head after having a quarrel with his mother.

Netizens react to the man’s successful experiment

After the clip went viral on TikTok, garnering more than 77.7K likes, many netizens poured in to share their thoughts on the man’s success of this never-before-seen experimentation.

Screenshot: @chayuttapongboopao 

Translation: Refrigerators these days are designed in Thai-style.

One netizen shared her comical thought that the refrigerator even has elements of Thai design.

Screenshot: @chayuttapongboopao 

Translation: When I see this new innovative refrigerator, I would want to make ice instead of refrigerating drinks.

Another netizen preferred to make ice in instead of ice-cold beer refrigerated in the coffin with the cooling system.

Screenshot: @chayuttapongboopao 

Translation: What if the person inside the coffin drinks all of them?

One Facebook user wondered what would happen if there’s someone in the coffin drinking all the beer, and there’s none left for others outside.

Experimentation makes perfect

Refrigerating the beer bottles inside the coffin marks a new phase of science-experimentation that has never been seen before.

However, as believers in the supernatural, we’d it’s better to avoid this kind of experiment as there may be spirits  having a drink inside when we open the coffin. Who knows?

Cover images adapted from (L-R): @chayuttapongboopao , @chayuttapongboopao 

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