Customer finds live fish in water jug

The Thai proverb “There is fish in the water and rice in the fields” is commonly brought up among Thai citizens, especially farmers, to describe the land’s natural abundance.

While having an abundance of natural resources to earn a living is considered a good thing, having fish in the water may not always be ideal – especially if it’s drinking water that’s said to be 100% natural.

Here’s the story of a Thai man in Ubon Ratchathani who found little fish swimming in the water jug he had received.

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Thai man finds a fish swimming in the water jug

On 18th December 2021, the story of a Thai man who found a little fish swimming around in his water jug became the talk of the town among netizens.

The incident was posted on the official Facebook account เปเปอร์ คาสโนว่า with a caption that read “There is fish in the water and rice in the fields. Does your house have a fish in the water just like mine? LOL”

Image credit: เปเปอร์ คาสโนว่า

This was posted shortly after OP’s mother received a water jug that she had ordered for the family, and noticed something strange moving inside.

Image credit: เปเปอร์ คาสโนว่า

She then called her son, OP, to have a look. Later, they confirmed that there was a little fish swimming around in the drinking water and brought this up with the water company.

Luckily, after receiving complaints from the customers, the water treatment centre sent them a new gallon of clean, fish-less water.

The story drew a lot of attention from media outlets, who delved into the details of how the animal happened to be inside the gallon.

The water factory’s staff forgot to clean the water

According to Thairath, the water jug was ordered from the village’s water purification plant.

Image credit: MGR Online

It was speculated that the staff may have forgotten to filter out the dirt inside the reusable jug before having it refilled and delivered to villagers.

Image credit: MGROnline

Recently, Ubon Ratchathani Provincial Public Health officials have ordered the plant to temporarily suspend any sales of drinking water.

Netizens share their thoughts on fish swimming in water jug

After pictures and videos of the fish were posted online, many netizens shared their comments on the issue.

Screenshot: Thairath

Translation: Buy drinking water with fish as a bonus

One netizen commented that the man received the fish as a side dish for his meal.

Screenshot: Thairath

Translation: Truly fresh from nature

Screenshot: Thairath

Translation: So cool. Indeed the most natural drinking water.  

Other netizens satirically commented that the drinking water is naturally purified, but is in fact, too natural to drink.

Buy smaller bottles of water instead

Finding a fish swimming in your drinking water may not be applicable to the famous proverb, but it goes to show just how abundant the water is.

To avoid encountering the same problem, villagers may try buying smaller water bottles from convenience stores instead. With little room for fish to swim in the smaller bottles, at least they can be sure they won’t be finding nemo or his friends any time soon.

Cover images adapted from (L-R): เปเปอร์ คาสโนว่า

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