Light to Night 2024 Guide – 8 Best Exhibitions & Photo Tips That’ll Guarantee Fire Emojis On Your IG

Light to Night 2024

Hear ye, hear ye, all you art fanatics and lovers of all things aesthetic. Light to Night is back for its 2024 edition, and the dates have been sealed. Come 19th January to 8th February 2024, there’ll be thought-provoking artwork, interactive exhibits, and IG-worthy set-ups galore all throughout the Civic District.

For its 8th run, the festival’s theme is “Reimagine”, so prepare to have your preconceived notions challenged in the most playful and intriguing way possible. We’ve found the best exhibitions at Light to Night 2024 and all the photo tips for you to get the most immaculate photos for the ‘Gram: 

1. Rapture – At the atrium of National Gallery Singapore

Step into the National Gallery Singapore via the Padang Atrium entrance and you’ll see 8 life-sized human figure wire sculptures suspended in the air. This light installation is called Rapture by Victor Tan, and it’s inspired by the biblical notion of “rapture”, where believers are thought to be able to ascend from earth during the second coming of Christ.

The best part about this installation is that you can see it from different vantage points – whether it’s from the Padang Atrium, or from more elevated viewpoints like the link bridges connecting the former City Hall and Supreme Court.

Photo tip: Head up to the link bridge on the 3rd floor of the National Gallery for a bird’s-eye view of the entire installation. The blue glow from the sculptures also adds a certain depth to your shots. 

2. Party Pavilion – Disco vibes with dreamy pastel colours


For party vibes in the city centre, head to the Asian Civilisations Museum. Standing at the lawn is Party Pavilion, a pastel-coloured dreamscape by digital artist Howie Kim.

You can step into the artwork and be mesmerised by the disco ball. Watch as the lights are reflected onto the mirrored surfaces of the structure.

Photo tip: The artwork may be small, but every corner here is photogenic. There are so many different ways to take a shot if you play around with the angles. 

3. Wayang Spaceship – Futuristic structure inspired by wayang culture

If you think Wayang Spaceship looks familiar, that’s because it first landed outside SAM at Tanjong Pagar Distripark in July 2022. For Light to Night, it’s been transported to the Empress Lawn – and it comes to life at night.

Prepare to be in awe as you stare at the visuals depicting a scholar-warrior time-travelling through our nation’s history, complete with aural compositions by literary artists Ng Yi-Sheng, nor, and Diana Rahim, and sick sound design imagined by Wu Jun Han.

There are also live drawing sessions from 2pm-6pm on 20th-21st January and 3rd-4th February, where you can take home a free customised illustration.

Photo tip: Once the visual and symphonic show ends, the stage can also double up as lighting for your aesthetic shots. Stand against the stage and use the LED lights to add some character to your portrait shots. 

4. Wings of Change – Monumental red saga seeds

If you’re new to Light to Night, one piece of advice we can give you is this: don’t skip the installation at the Padang.

Last year, we were treated to massive iridescent bubbles by Atelier Sisu. This year, it’s red saga seeds that are blown up into larger-than-life proportions. Wings of Change by Kumari Nahappan features 1 large seed surrounded by 8 smaller ones, which represents earth and the 8 other planets in the solar system around us. 

We were that told that you should walk in a clockwise direction around the biggest seed to experience the installation in its full glory. 

Photo tip: It’s dark at the Padang, so we’d recommend using your own lighting if you’re taking portraits – we just used our iPhone flashlight. 

5. Embroidered Landscapes – Get your “Year of the Dragon” OOTDs

The Victoria Concert Hall has an array of concerts planned – including VCHpresents Chamber: Figaro in a Pocket (from $20) on 3rd-4th February and and backstage tours ($20) from now until 4th February

But before you head in, capture your OOTD by the fountain right outside the theatre and concert hall. Plus, you have light projections from Embroidered Landscapes to add some colour to your shots. The visuals feature mythical creatures like dragons and tigers, inspired by jie xi, a type of Chinese Opera.

Photo tip: What’s better than a photo set against a historical building? One that includes some elements of projection mapping, of course. Let the vibrant colours from the light projection illuminate your photos, providing a contrast between the old and new. 

6. Symphony of Order – Projections on the ceiling of Rotunda Library

We were so excited to step into the Rotunda Library & Archive, because it’s been serving intriguing artworks set against the backdrop of the historical rotunda. And man, did it not disappoint. 

Projected on the ceiling this year is Symphony of Order, a piece that explores the connection between “order” and “unspoken laws” within social settings, set against a dining scene. Because, you know, nothing hits home for us more than food.  

Tip: Use a wide lens and snap a photo from a low angle to capture the entire architecture of the Rotunda Library, showcasing its curved columns and cabinets along with the light projection on the ceiling. 

7. Winter Sonata, Summer Mookata – Trippy animations for cat lovers

If you’re a cat lover, local artist collective Knuckles and Notch has got a trippy surprise for you projected on the facade of The Arts House. Winter Sonata, Summer Mookata is inspired by topics like pop culture, comics, films, and anime, taking you on a mind-boggling journey featuring… lots of furry felines. 

From 19th-28th January, The Arts House will also be hosting Textures 2024, a literary event with exhibitions and performances, art installations, and a pop-up bookstore. 

Photo tip: Sure, most people will be posing against the facade of The Arts House – but don’t miss 8-bit Word Cloud by Justin Loke, a smaller piece which can make a good backdrop for your silhouette shots. 

8. Temple of Love & Living the Life – No explanations needed

Is this list even complete if we don’t include the facade projection mapping on the National Gallery Singapore? This year, it features 2 different works: Temple of Love by Indonesian artists Arahmaiani and Wayang Merdeka, and Teo Eng Seng: Living the Life, an ode to the life and practice of Teo, a Cultural Medallion recipient.

This is also where you’ll find the iconic colourful staircase which you’ll probably see on your IG feed for the entirety of the festival.

Photo tip: The National Gallery Singapore is so monumental that you can’t possibly squeeze the entire facade into a shot. We’d recommend going as far back as you can at the Padang for your money shot. 

Spend a night at the museum at Light to Night 2024

As the main event kicking off Singapore Art Week, Light to Night 2024 is a must-visit if you’re already planning to add “be more cultured” to your New Year’s resolutions.

The National Gallery Singapore is extending its opening hours until 11pm on festival weekends – so it’s the perfect time to spend a night at the museum. Plus, get free entry to all exhibitions, including Tropical: Stories from Stories Asia and Latin America, which features an artwork by famous Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. 

Other events to look forward to include a festival street on St. Andrew’s Road with food stalls and live music performances, a live ASMR experience by Whisperlodge, a Dungeons & Dragons art quest, and gallery gigs by local musicians. And if you’re there to get aesthetic photos, you’ll be guaranteed to leave the venue with heaps of new IG-ready shots. 

Book your slot for Light to Night 2024’s ticketed programmes

Photography by Hui Wen Chan. 

Event Information
Light to Night 2024
Civic District
19 Jan - 08 Feb 2024
Things to note:

Timings vary
Exhibits taking place at various locations across the Civic District
Admission is free, with ticketed programmes

Dewi Nurjuwita and Renae Cheng

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