BLACKPINK: The Movie out in August

To celebrate BLACKPINK’s 5th debut anniversary on 8th August, YG Entertainment will be releasing a documentary called BLACKPINK: The Movie on 4th August 2021.

What to expect in BLACKPINK: The Movie

In BLACKPINK: The Movie, viewers can expect to see various segments such as The Room of Memories, Beauty, and Unreleased Special Interviews

In these segments, we’ll see BLACKPINK going down memory lane and displaying their unique personalities as they celebrate their 5th anniversary. 

blackpink the movie - what to expect
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5 songs from their concerts tours THE SHOW and In Your Area will be showcased in the movie. To further enhance the viewing experience, BLACKPINK: The Movie will be available in 4DX – a film format that incorporates special effects such as strobe lights and wind – to mirror a real concert setting.

BLACKPINK’s 4+1 PROJECT and 5th Anniversary

blackpink the movie - blackpink debut
BLACKPINK’s debut teaser image.
Image credit: YG Entertainment

This year, BLACKPINK will be celebrating their 5th anniversary since their debut on 8th August 2016. 

On 15th June, YG Entertainment announced the 4+1 PROJECT in commemoration of BLACKPINK’s 5th anniversary.

blackpink the movie - 4+1 project
Image credit: @BLACKPINK

The next day, YG revealed that BLACKPINK: The Movie will be part of this project, along with other elements that have yet to be revealed. 

YG has also created a sister domain for BLACKPINK’s 4+1 PROJECT. The rest of the elements for BLACKPINK’s anniversary will likely be revealed on the new website, so be sure to keep an eye on it

Where to catch BLACKPINK: The Movie

Those in Korea can catch BLACKPINK: The Movie at the nearest CGV cinema from 4th August 2021 onwards. The exact dates for the worldwide release of the film will be revealed at a later date. We look forward to seeing what the movie has in store for us!

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