Korean gadget “third eye” for the smartphone era

Mobile devices have become a staple in our lives, and we’ve developed the habit of looking down at our phones while walking, which jeopardises our safety. But fret not – we think this Korean gadget that acts as a “third eye” will be useful in saving phone addicts from bumping into obstacles.

Designed for “Phono Sapiens”

korean third eye - for phono sapiens
Image credit: @minwookpaeng

Korean industrial designer Paeng Min-wook designed this “third eye” gadget after realising people tend to look at their phones instead of paying attention to their surroundings, especially while going about their daily activities.

Min-wook decided to create the “third eye” gadget, which aims to be of aid to fellow smartphone addicts – dubbed “Phono Sapiens” and prevent them from bumping into obstacles while walking.

How this Korean “third eye” gadget works

This Korean gadget is made up of a sensor and the “eye”. The sensor that measures the angle of the device is attached to the back of the user’s head with an adhesive gel pad.

korean third eye - device
The sensor and “third eye” gadget.
Image adapted from: South China Morning Post

When the user looks down at their phones, this device will be able to detect the angle of the user’s neck and spring into action.

korean third eye - device
Image adapted from: @minwookpaeng

The black component of the device works as a makeshift pupil. Enclosing the “pupil” is an “eyelid” that’s equipped with an ultrasonic sensor. It helps identify oncoming obstructions when the user is looking down at their phones. 

korean third eye - how it works 2
Image adapted from: @minwookpaeng

Before the user comes into contact with the obstacle, they will be notified by a buzzer. The buzzer will alert the user to look up and avoid the obstacles ahead of them.

“Third Eye”, a Korean gadget perfect for this generation

This Korean “third eye” gadget is still under development, so what you see now is just a prototype. 

With this device, the designer hopes that people will be more aware of how smartphones have impacted their behaviour, and reconsider our actions to prevent us from turning into “Phono Sapiens”.

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Cover images adapted from: @minwookpaeng and South China Morning Post

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