Kwang-soo’s last Running Man episode

Fans of Running Man have been dreading this day – on 13th June, Lee Kwang-soo made his final appearance on Running Man and officially bid farewell to the team and fans of the variety show.

Previously, it was announced that Kwang-soo would be leaving Running Man to focus on recovering from an injury he sustained in February 2020. 

Running Man films special episode for Kwang-soo’s farewell 

kwangsoo last running man episode - special episode
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Prior to the filming of his last Running Man episode, Kwang-soo met the production staff to help them plan the activities. Kwang-soo mentioned that he would like to visit Han River, the place where they filmed the 1st episode for the variety show. 

In episode 288, the Running Man team went to his house and they had chicken and kalguksu. Kwang-soo said that he has fond memories of that day, and would like to have chicken and kalguksu again. He added that he would like to eat grilled pork belly too, which is typical of him. 

Kwang-soo also mentioned that he would like to visit LP Bar again. They filmed episode 553 at LP Bar.

The production team was able to fulfil his wish to film at Han River. The special episode started with the production team hilariously sentencing Kwang-soo to 1050 years in prison after looking through his numerous betrayals and frauds over the past 11 years. 

The Running Man team then participated in various missions to help Kwang-soo reduce his “sentence”. 

Members express their gratitude to Kwang-soo

kwangsoo last running man episode - members' letters
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During the last segment of the episode, the Running Man members wrote heartfelt letters to Kwang-soo, thanking him for bringing joy and laughter, and wishing him all the best. 

Jae-suk told Kwang-soo that he has worked hard, and that Running Man will feel empty without him. Jokingly, he said he will need to find someone else to interrupt after Kwang-soo leaves. Jae-suk concluded his letter by telling Kwang-soo to do everything he wants to do without worries, and to see him often. 

Seok-jin wrote that he now thinks of Kwang-soo as a younger brother, instead of “the tall kid”. He also told Kwang-soo, “Let’s carry on together always, even if it isn’t on Running Man.”

Jong-kook, who had many funny moments with Kwang-soo, also wrote a touching letter to him. He mentioned that he feels regretful because he always thought that Kwang-soo would be around to film Running Man till the end. He ended his letter by wishing Kwang-soo good health. 

In HaHa’s letter, he jokingly complains about having no one to tease and con now. He acknowledged Kwang-soo’s hard work, and prayed for him to achieve all the dreams he has. 

kwangsoo last running man episode - ji-hyo and kwang-soo
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Ji-hyo wrote that she still couldn’t believe that Kwang-soo was leaving. The reality had not sunk in for her, and she felt that she would crumble once it finally sank in. She told him to visit them whenever he feels sad, and she also told him that she loves him. 

While Kwang-soo read her letter, Ji-hyo could be seen trying to hold in her tears, but failed to do so. Seeing her break down in tears made us tear up as well. 

So-min and Se-chan joined the cast of Running Man later than the rest, but they also had many good memories with Kwang-soo. 

In her letter, So-min thanked Kwang-soo for the unforgettable memories and told him to visit them whenever he wants to. 

Se-chan told Kwang-soo that he will miss him, and like Jae-suk, he also mentioned Running Man will feel empty without him. 

Kwang-soo’s last Running Man episode was a tearful one

We never could have imagined that Kwang-soo would leave Running Man one day, but his health takes priority and we wish him a speedy recovery.

Watch Kwang-soo’s last Running Man episode here.

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