Baekhyun’s birthday party on V LIVE

Baekhyun will be enlisting in the army soon. But before that, he will be broadcasting his 29th birthday party, titled B-DAY: BAEKHYUN-DAY, on V LIVE on 1st May 2021, 3PM KST. The stream is free of charge, and all EXO-Ls are encouraged to join.

What to expect at Baekhyun’s birthday party

baekhyun birthday - what to expect
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Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, EXO-L’s didn’t get to celebrate Baehyun’s birthday in person last year. To make up for it, Baekhyun, the main vocalist of EXO, did a live broadcast via V LIVE. Fans got to see him chilling and interacting with them in the comfort of his home on his birthday.

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Video credit: V LIVE

This year, Baekhyun’s birthday party will also be streamed online on V LIVE. EXO-Ls can take part in a comfortable discussion about Baekhyun’s music, play mini-games, and participate in a Q&A corner where he will answer questions from fans.

The Q&A corner will most likely look something like this:

[SUB] 에리와의 Q&A🤔 큥이에게 '무엇이든 물어보살~' #BAEKHYUN #후야TV #Q&A #SM페셜 | SUPER IDOL LEAGUE - BAEKHYUN
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[SUB] 에리와의 Q&A🤔 큥이에게 '무엇이든 물어보살~' #BAEKHYUN #후야TV #Q&A #SM페셜 | SUPER IDOL LEAGUE - BAEKHYUN

Video credit: SM C&C STUDIO

Where to stream Baekhyun’s birthday party

EXO-Ls can stream Baekhyun’s birthday party on EXO’s official V LIVE channel on 1st May 2021, and the stream will start at 3PM KST.

V Live is free for all. If you have yet to create an account on the streaming site, you can do so by heading to their website. You can also sign in with your accounts on Google, Twitter, LINE, or other social networking sites listed on V LIVE’s sign-in page. 

Baekhyun’s last birthday party before joining the army

It’s gonna be a while till we get to see EXOs baby lion promote as an artiste again, but time will pass by faster than you think. Till then, make sure to catch a glimpse of Baekhyun on V LIVE before he enlists in the army.

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