Whale shark rescued in Thailand

Shark saved by oil rig officers
Image adapted from Nat Panupong Taps

With the increasing numbers of trash in the ocean, lots of problems have been posed for marine animals everywhere – many have even been found severely injured and even dead.

Thankfully, this whale shark in Thailand got lucky. It was saved by a group of oil rig officers from Thailand’s Erawan Gas Field. It had gotten stuck in a rope knot which caused it to get wounded. 

Rope had wounded its fins and tail 

On 19 October 2019, Facebook user Nat Panupong Taps posted a photo and video of a group of oil rig officers helping free a massive shark in the ocean.

compliments to oil rig officers in Thailand

Translation: This is the moment when we tried to help a whale shark. This is my first time dealing with its power – the shark is huge and made me really tired, but I felt happy anyway. It had a knot around its tail and a wound too.

Mr. Nat also shared that the shark had gotten very close to the rig, thus getting their attention. They then loosened the rope and let the shark free. 

Shark is saved by Thai oil rig officers
Image credit: Nat Panupong Taps

In the video, the officers could be seen struggling to contain the shark in order to help it. It required a team of 7 people, and the task wasn’t made any easier thanks to the strong wind and rough waves. 

Shark is saved in Thailand
It’s towards the end of the gripping 4-minute video that the shark finally manages to swim free
Image credit: Nat Panupong Taps

Thankfully, they were able to untie the cord and let the poor creature finally go free, resulting in a heartwarming celebration among the officers. 

Netizens applaud officers for their courage

Needless to say, lots of encouraging comments started pouring in praising the officers for their bravery and help. Some even wondered why the shark had gotten caught in rope in the first place.

compliments to oil rig officers in Thailand

Translation: That’s such an intense moment. Who is bad enough to do that?

compliments to oil rig officers in Thailand

That’s great!
The Erawan team is awesome.

Netizens also commented on how it must have taken a lot of energy to help the shark.

compliments to oil rig officers in Thailand

Everybody did their best even though there were strong waves. That’s great.
All of you are great – this is not an easy job at all. 

Due to safety policies, this mission is extremely risky where violent accidents could have happened. And though the officers knew this, they still made the important decision to help the shark. 

We commend the officers for their dedication. They’re all heroes!

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