Local heroes get rid of rubbish in Thai province

Trash Hero Thailand

Image credit: Trash Hero Langsuan

Members of Trash Hero Thailand in Southern Thailand’s Langsuan District have helped clear 8 tons of garbage in just a year. The volunteer group has been running the cleanup campaign to improve the environment in their hometown.

Helping solve the garbage problem in Thailand

More than 14 million tons of garbage is produced in Thailand in a year alone. With inappropriate ways of trash managing, many problems arise along with the increasing amount of rubbish. Water pollution and toxic soil that affects agriculture are some of them.  

Trash Hero world

Image credit: Trash Hero Langsuan

Trash Hero World was founded in Switzerland and opened its Thai branch in 2013, with 25 groups based in cities like Hua Hin, Phuket, and Bangkok. Aside from weekly cleanups, the organisation seeks to cultivate an awareness of caring for the environment in its participants. 

Trash Hero’s Thai members run many campaigns across the country with the aim of decreasing the amount of waste produced by citizens.

Trash Hero Thailand

Image credit: Trash Hero Langsuan

Trash Hero Langsuan’s team leader Mr. Suttipan Suwannabandit mentioned that the group started in 2018 and now has over 80 members who conduct cleanups together every week. 

He also mentioned that while they have many supporters, there are still people who question their actions, claiming that this should be the job of the government. 

However, the members are all willing to do their part to save the environment despite these comments.

Take part in protecting our environment

world garbage problem

Image credit: Trash Hero Langsuan

The members from Trash Hero Langsuan have been carrying on their campaign to get rid of trash every week for a year now. As a result, they have cleared 8 tons of garbage this year alone. 

The waste problem is a worldwide issue that we should all take responsibility for. Let this be inspiration for us to take real action to help our environment!

Check out Trash Hero Thailand’s Facebook page for more information on the organisation. To join the team, click here.