The Village Farm To Cafe 

There are many places around Thailand that resemble attractions we planned to visit on the overseas trips of our dreams.

For those who miss Japan, The Village Farm To Cafe will definitely answer your longing for bamboo, green tea, photogenic natural elements, and melon ice cream. 

Here’s why you’ll definitely feel the need to bookmark this cafe for when you’re next headed to Bangkok or Kanchanaburi.

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The Village Farm To Cafe in Kanchanaburi looks so much like Kyoto 

For those longing for a trip to Kyoto, the Village Farm To Cafe in Kanchanaburi cuts the 8-hour journey – a 6-hour flight to Japan and 2-hour Shinkansen ride from Tokyo to Kyoto – down to a 3-hour drive from Bangkok.

Enclosed within a valley between lush hills, the farm-to-table concept of the cafe helps encourage guests to pause and appreciate some of Mother Nature’s gifts. 

Image credit: The Village Farm To Cafe’

The physical cafe’s exterior is also primarily composed of wood and floor-to-ceiling glass panes, and is surrounded by even more plants – like cacti. So, even from inside the cafe, visitors can still marvel at their surroundings.

The design evokes an appreciation for natural elements and leaves Bangkok’s concrete elements in the city.

farm village to cafeImage credit: @futsuka

The eatery’s interior is no different – nature seems to climb in through the doors as the cafe is decked out with flora and fauna in overhanging pots.

farm village to cafeImage credit: @amiza_foto_2004

There are more angles and perspectives to play around with here – if you’re a photographer on a mission to capture the perfect IG spot – as the cafe is a compound of three farmhouses.

Besides exploring the wood-themed cafe, we’d recommend heading behind the main dining area, where there is an open field that reminds us of a community farm – sans the stray rooster or horse.

Image credit:@ms.ploydao

The Farm Village To Cafe is also situated next to a lake. Lookout for a gigantic swing along the pier for visitors to sit back and relax among vast lavender flower fields.

farm village to cafeImage credit: @nanna.phatt 

Now that we’ve explored the defunct areas where most guests will uncover naturally, how about we take you even further back to their best kept secret – Thailand’s very own ‘Sagano Bamboo Forest’.

Towering bamboo tunnel just like Sagano Forest in Kyoto

We are sure many of us miss getting our passports stamped and suiting up in their yukatas at onsens while immersing ourselves in Japan’s unique natural parks.

Here at the Farm Village To Cafe, the main draw is definitely Thailand’s very own Sagano Forest.

farm village to cafeImage credit: @fashionready

Visitors can expect to stroll past towering clusters of bamboo plants which provide shade from the blistering sun, and are reminiscent of the walk through the Kyoto’s famed bamboo tunnels.

farm village to cafeImage credit: @pitak5956

Bicycles are also allowed along the path, if you prefer to breeze through rather than enjoy a leisurely walk.

Occasionally, there’ll be lanterns up, so you can pretend you’re at a Japanese matsuri.
Image credit: @i3ird

When the season allows for it, the forest will be decorated with toro or Japanese paper tower lanterns, a beautiful sight that will definitely make you forget that you’re just three hours away from Bangkok.

Melon ice cream, chocolatey goodies, and fruity drinks

After immersing yourself in the natural beauty of vast flower fields or bamboo forests, you’re bound to need some refreshments. We’ve scoped out the menu and identified what you should definitely try at Farm Village To Cafe.
First up, the Hokkaido Cake with Chocolate Lava ฿185 (~USD5.65). Topped with whipped cream and glazed in a rich chocolate syrup, this dessert is one of the cafe’s signature items.
Image credit: nui nui via Wongnai
However, you can’t go to Japan and not have melon-flavoured snacks. Luckily, Farm Village To Cafe brings Japan to you with their Tao Pain in Their Garden ฿185 (~USD5.65), which is a tray consisting of melon-flavoured bread, ice cold cut-melon and melon ice cream.

Image credit: Ⓜinℹz™ via Wongnai
The bread also happens to be in the shape of a turtle, for maximum kawaii vibes.

A short getaway from Bangkok that looks like Japan

Whether or not you’ve been to the OG Sagano Bamboo Forest, this cafe that’s just 3 hours away from Bangkok will resonate with individuals who just really miss Japan. 

One of the good things about heading to these places in Bangkok is that we will help support small businesses. It also saves us the hassle of booking plane tickets, packing, sorting out ASQ, and of course, spending money. 

All in all, it’s a win-win for everyone. So, what are you waiting for? Check the cafe’s socials and find out about their opening hours and promotions.

The Village Farm To Cafe
Opening Hours: Mon – Fri: 10.30AM – 9PM | Sat – Sun 9.30AM – 9PM
Address: Sangchuto Rd, Nong Bua, Mueang Kanchanaburi District, Kanchanaburi 71190
Telephone: +66 3 454 0599

The Village Farm To Cafe Website | Google Maps

Cover image adapted from (Left-Right): @ms.ploydao, The Village Farm To Cafe’, @flyingwhale.mag

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