Uniform for online classes in Trat

Ever since Thailand was struck with the recent surge of Covid-19 cases, institutions like schools and universities that have just reopened their doors to the classrooms are once again back to online learning.

Now that Thai schools are back in season, a proposal for students in Trat province to wear uniforms during online classes was made by Trat Communicable Disease Control Committee. There have since been sad reacts and voices of disagreement coming from a number of netizens.

Here’s the full story.

Recent Covid-19 updates:

Trat proposes students to wear uniform for online classes

The recommendation for primary and secondary students in Trat to wear uniform for their online classes was placed in order to instill order and discipline. This arrangement is said to last from 1st to 13th June , explained the Trat Communicable Disease Control Committee on 28th May 2021, as per WorkpointTODAY.

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A few days later, Facebook page Trat TV made a poll asking parents for their opinions, in which the majority of the comments show disagreement to the idea of uniforms during remote classes. The same goes for another poll made by Ch7HD News wherein only 4% agreed.

Netizens respond with negativity and memes

The news sure did spark a lot of responses on the internet, with many netizens including parents, students, and educators switching turns to give a salty comment about it.

A comment made by a parent who doesn’t agree with the idea
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Translation: What benefits would wearing uniform give? We’re already spending a lot on WiFi for online classes, and now we have to spend more on laundry? From someone who’s parent, this is very agitating.

Although there are a lot of serious comments out there, some have been adding humour to their responses with memes.

The picture was accompanied with the caption, “First online classes, now uniform requirements?”
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One netizen even gave a sneaky solution for students to wear the uniform on top and keep it casual on bottom.

The caption says, “I’ll probably just wear the school shirt on top and simple shorts on bottom. Lol. You can also wear one shirt for a long time, it’s not going to get dirty or anything. Anyway, who came up with this idea? They must be out of their mind. Lol.”
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Uniform vs. dress code

Maybe school uniforms should only be for “schools” after all, especially since there have recently been news about families who have been resorted to monthly installments for uniforms.

Instead, what about not coming up with a dress code? Maybe like wearing a white top, which stills create a formal learning environment while saving on uniform fees?

What do you think should be the solution? Share with us in the comments below.

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