Thai triplets got into med school

Many kids are expected to become medical professionals, engineers, or lawyers in order to be considered “successful” by their parents.

Well, these Thai triplets in the Phetchaburi province have tripled their parents’ pride, because all three of them scored a spot in Mahidol University’s medical program, which is seen as one of Thailand’s most prestigious schools.

Here’s how proud mama and papa supported them.

Interesting Thais:

Motivated by their in vitro fertilised birth

Tanarat Kemglud, Thanaruk Kemglud, and Thannapat Kemglud were conceived through In vitro fertilisation, making them “test tube babies”. The complex laboratory process that makes up their origin story sparked the triplet’s passion for medicine.

Thai Triplets Got Into Med School At The Same Time, Made Parents Extra ProudFrom left to right – Thannapat, Thannarak, and Thannarat
Image credit: MSN News via Matichon

The triple-Ts were always enthusiastic about science: they attended the medical sciences education expo, organised by Ratchaburi Hospital. Their continued fascination with science drove them to study hard, landing them a high score on the entrance examination for the Medical Sciences for Communal Development program. 

Thai Triplets Got Into Med School At The Same Time, Made Parents Extra Proud
Parents and the triplets
Image credit: Kapook via Channel 3 News 

Initially, their extra proud parents were expecting the triplets to go into Liberal Arts, because they wanted the boys to be adept in English, asserted Mr. Pairoj Kemglud and Mrs. Noi Kiatmampornsuk, according to Kapook.

Always be passionate and curious

It’s a stereotype that Asian families expect their kids to go to medical or law school to bring the family honour, so it’s funny that their parents encouraged them to go into Liberal Arts. These triplets are a great example of finding what sparks their passion on their own. 

Is there a particular stereotype in your country for traditional parenting? We’d like to know, so share your stereotypes with us.

Cover images adapted from: MSN News via Matichon

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