Thai man saves drowning boy

They say superheroes only exist in movies. While some people agree with this above statement, we believe that superheroes also exist in real life.

Furthermore, we think that anyone can be a hero, even those without supernatural powers or abilities.

Here’s the story of a Thai man who saved a boy from drowning and was dubbed a “hero” by netizens.

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Thai uncle rescues a boy from drowning

On the morning of 8th November 2021, a 61-year-old Thai uncle went out to look for his wandering kittens.

While searching for his felines, the uncle noticed a boy struggling to swim in the nearby canal.

GIF: Sunma Madnak

Without any hesitation, the half-naked uncle jumped into the canal and brought the boy to safety.

GIF: Sunma Madnak

The uncle’s daughter recorded the incident and posted the footage onto Facebook.

Netizens proclaim the uncle to be a real-life superhero

After the clip posted by the man’s daughter went viral, many netizens dubbed the uncle a “real-life superhero” and praised him for his immediate action.

Screenshot: @BrightTV

Translation: So cool man, you’re even stronger than Superman! Superman is no match for you!!

One netizen praised the uncle’s bravery by comparing him with the superhero, Superman.

Screenshot: Sunma Madnak

Translation: This uncle is the coolest guy. Without him, the boy would not have survived and probably drowned. May Allah protect him.

One Facebook user also shared her admiration of the uncle and asked that Allah confer him with protection.

A hero lies in you

This uncle showed us that anyone can be a hero and that there’s no need to wait for a spandex suit that’ll make you strong or brave enough to save others.

Just like Mariah Carey said in her hit song, in order to be a hero, you just have to “cast your fear aside, and you know you (and others) can survive.”

So, whenever you’re in a situation where you feel like you’re losing hope, just “look inside you and be strong, and you finally see the truth that a hero lies in you.”

Cover images adapted from: Sunma Madnak

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