Thai man orders Squid Game doll

When we buy a product online, we expect that the item will arrive looking like it does on the website.

However, when the product we receive doesn’t look like what we saw online, it can make us feel like we wasted money.

Here’s the story of a Thai man in Bangkok who ordered a cute Squid Game doll online and felt dissatisfied with the low-quality merchandise he received.

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Thai man orders Squid Game doll from an online vendor

On 31st October 2021, Thai Facebook user, Pongdhorn MgArt Boonsuratana, posted about his friend ordering Squid Game doll from an online vendor on Facebook.

After designating a size and placing an order, the man eagerly waited for his pretty doll with anticipation that he’d receive a cutesy red light green light figure.

But, it turns out that the doll he received wasn’t as cute as he expected.

The doll doesn’t look as pretty as her picture

When the man opened the package, it seemed like he was met with a bombshell as the doll looked nothing like she did in her pictures.

Image credit: Pongdhorn MgArt Boonsuratana

Her facial expression turned out to be not-so nice and borderline unfriendly – dissimilar to the one on the doll he saw in the picture.

Screenshot: Pongdhorn MgArt Boonsuratana

He even stated in his caption, “Instead of adding her to my model collection in my display cabinet, I think she deserves to be displayed in front of the shrine of guardian spirits.”

The man had no choice but introduce her as a new friend to his Doraemon model.

Nevertheless, it seemed to him that the Doraemon doll was also scared, rather than happy, to meet his new companion.

Doraemon’s reaction is just as hilarious as the story

OP also posted a picture of the Doreamon figurine’s reaction.

Image credit: Pongdhorn MgArt Boonsuratana

In the picture, we see the Doraemon doll with his mouth wide open; as if due to shock from meeting his new friend.

The man also revealed that his Doraemon figure was so petrified that he managed to run out of the cabinet.

Image credit: Pongdhorn MgArt Boonsuratana

Although Doraemon didn’t receive a great impression from the new member, the Squid Game Doll continued to befriend the futuristic cat.

Image credit: Pongdhorn MgArt Boonsuratana

That’s why she continually follows him from behind, without realizing that he almost gets a heart attack every time she gets close.

Netizens react & shares funny comments

The story went viral on Facebook and garnered more than 1,000 likes.

Many netizens commented their thoughts and even suggested that their friends read the story.

Screenshot: Pongdhorn MgArt Boonsuratana

Translation: She looks like the upgraded version of dancing dolls on San Phra Phums (spirit houses).

One netizen thought that the doll’s uncanny features reminded them of Thai dancing figures that we usually find on the shrines of guardian spirits.

Screenshot: Pongdhorn MgArt Boonsuratana

Translation: The silicone may not have settled into her nose yet. She may have just underwent nose surgery.

Another Facebook user commented that it may take more time for her looks to change and settle in, due to the early stages of post-surgery recovery.

Make sure the online vendor is trustworthy

Though this is an amusing story that made us laugh pretty hard, we feel sorry for the man and really hope that the vendor will take responsibility for the mishap.

Before you confirm your order, make sure the product you’ll receive looks like the original one in the catalog so that you don’t have to waste your money on an item you never wanted to buy. One way to do this is to browse through the customer reviews, where past orderers post pictures of what they received.

Cover images adapted from: Pongdhorn MgArt Boonsuratana

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