Thai TikToker cash prank goes wrong at Changi Airport

Nowadays, TikTok is something we can’t seem to live without due to the platform’s array of entertaining videos.

To make their content attract more viewers, some TikTokers have been known to pull pranks for exposure.

It’s usually all in good fun, but some content creators do so without thinking much about the laws and the consequences. For example, a Thai TikToker got detained by the Singaporean police after he tried to prank his friend for content by carrying a lot of cash at Changi Airport. Read on to find out what he was trying to do and how he got himself in trouble.

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Thai TikTok user was detained by the S’pore police at Changi Airport

Screenshot: @iamsungstarwin

On 20th September 2022, a TikTok user, @iamsungstarwinposted a clip of himself getting detained by the Singaporean immigration police as he was carrying over S$20,000 in cash, which exceeds the legal limit.

The TikTok user says in his video that his friends asked him to exchange money for them because they were visiting Singapore.

He had planned to prank his friends by bringing in S$20,000 as promised, but subjecting his friends to a higher exchange rate, upon their arrival in Singapore. Little did he know that he was breaking Singapore’s law by exceeding the permitted limit without declaring the amount.

Thankfully, after he spent some time in the detention room, he was eventually released by the police.

Netizens joke about his wealth

Many of his followers amusingly commented that the reason was his wealth.

Screenshot: @iamsungstarwin

Translation: I never knew this law existed. Now I do, but I don’t have this much cash to bring. LOL 

One netizen said he just learnt about this Singaporean law from the video.

Screenshot: @iamsungstarwin

Translation: Being rich is the reason. LOL

Another one joked that he was detained because he showed off his wealth.

Screenshot: @iamsungstarwin

Translation: Game over. Hahahah

One man said his mission was fucked up by the police.

Studying some basic laws before traveling abroad would be useful

Understandably, we can make mistakes like this guy when we travel overseas because we’re not aware of the laws in a particular country. What we can learn from this cautionary tale is that it would be good if we study the basic laws of the country we’re visiting beforehand, so we can avoid unintentionally illegal acts.

Finally, we are glad that the man was released by the police and got to go on his planned Singapore trip with his friends.

Cover images adapted from (Clockwise from Top Left): @iamsungstarwin, @iamsungstarwin, @iamsungstarwin

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