Thai lotto winners offers spirits 100 mookata sets

Our luck may look up from time to time, but winning a lottery jackpot within our lifetimes may sometimes never happen at all. Interestingly, for some in Thailand, once they win a lotto they believe that spirits have brought them good luck, and that they’ll get something in return, like these Thai folks in Chonburi.

This group of Thai lotto winners allegedly hosted a ceremony in a cemetery in Chonburi to offer 100 mookatas and five outdoor movie screenings to spirits after they won ฿10 million in lottery winnings.

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Thai woman and her friends offer spirits 100 mookatas & 5 outdoor movie screenings

Image credit: Komchadluek

On 23rd July 2022, a group of people reportedly organised a ceremony to offer 100 mookatas and 5 outdoor movies to spirits in a cemetery in Chonburi to express gratitude after they collectively won ฿10 million from lotteries. They said they believed that they won the prize money because the spirits brought them luck, according to Khaosod.

Image credit: Komchadluek

Besides sharing their winnings with the spirits, they also set up a canteen for other guests due to the belief that this would bring them good karma in the future.

During the ceremony, a person allegedly fell into a grave by accident. Afterwards, people came to clean it and noticed the number on the gravestone, which was seen differently to be 6,381 and 6,321.

Many guests asserted that they would buy a lottery ticket with those exact numbers, reported Khaosod.

Another way of being thankful for good luck

We all have different beliefs due to our cultures, and we find it interesting to learn about other regions’ traditions. In Thailand, some of us may try to glean lucky numbers from what we believe is sacred, such as spirits, peculiar trees and even rare sightings of animals.

For those who aren’t Thais, we’ll understand if you find this a little surprising. But if you’ve got nothing to lose, consider taking a leaf out of this group of lottery winners’ books, maybe – just maybe – you’ll get lucky too.

Cover images adapted from (Clockwise from Top Left): Komchadluek

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