An LGBT love story

Many same sex couples in Thailand have been getting married without support from their loved ones or legalised same-sex union laws

However, Facebook user, Chatinon Chanabhun’s story has a happy ending. Also known as “Wun”, Mr. Chanabhun shared the love story between him and his high school boyfriend, Toey.

Both boys received blessing from their families 

Teenage boys got engagedWun’s mother gives her blessing to the boys
Image credit: ชาดินนท์ ชะนะบุญ

Unlike others, Wun did not have to hide his relationship with Toey. In fact, Mrs. Chanabhun shared that she was very pleased with Wun. She also expressed her full support for her son, so long that he avoids criminality and is a responsible citizen. 

In addition to that, this proud mama shares her testimony that she wants to be a good example of acceptance. “Families have the responsibility to support and accept their children,” said Mrs. Chanabhun via Ejan via Line Today.

teenage boys got engaged
Teenage boys’ families gift them with money for their engagement blessing
Screenshot: ชาดินนท์ ชะนะบุญ 

Netizens congratulate the couple

teenage boys got engaged
Translation: Congratulations to you both (Same meaning with different words)
Screenshot: ชาดินนท์ ชะนะบุญ 

It’s 2021 and love shouldn’t have a gender

It appears that society and lawmakers are accepting social diversity, especially when it comes to LGBTQ+ rights.

There are many more couples everywhere that need support from their families to start with. 

Featured images adapted from: ชาดินนท์ ชะนะบุญ

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