The love story of Pond and Gift

LGBT Couple Gets Married in Thailand

Image adapted from ปอดน์นี่ & กิ๊ฟซี่

Thailand has changed a lot as a society from the past. Thai people, especially the newer generation, are generally very open towards the LGBTQ+ community. Though there are no laws set that allow queer couples to get married yet, they are still able to “unofficially” tie the knot with their friends and families present.

This is the story of Pond and Gift, who shared the story of how they met, after getting hitched in a traditional Thai ceremony. 

Met after working in a dance team together 

After photos of their wedding went viral, the pair opened up about how they met each other when they were a part of a music band’s dance troupe. They’ve had concerts all around the country and share many good memories together. 

Gift and Pond LGBT Couple in Thailand

Pond (Left) and Gift (Right)
Image credit: ปอดน์นี่ & กิ๊ฟซี่

“Gift is very responsible and works hard on every task she has. That made me interested in her,” said Pond, who is a transgender woman. 

When asked about Pond, Gift said, “Pond always takes care of me. I love her just the way she is.” 

LGBT Couple pre-wedding

They also shared photos from their pre-wedding photoshoot
Image credit: ปอดน์นี่ & กิ๊ฟซี่

Pond also added that there were many comments online from people that were not so accepting. 

“I found comments coming from people who don’t understand, saying that I was destroying the community by being the way I am. I hope people can be more open-minded. Love has no gender. A man can fall in love with a man, and a woman with a woman. Similarly, a transgender woman like me can love a cisgender woman like Gift too.” 

Got married in traditional Thai ceremony

Gift and Pond Get Married in Thai ceremony
The couple got married in July this year
Image credit: อีสานส่งข่าว

Their ceremony took place in front of their close family and friends, who came together to celebrate the 2 love birds.

Gift and Pond LGBT couple wedding

Image credit: อีสานส่งข่าว

Netizens were touched and wished them a happy married life. These heartwarming comments also show that people are getting more open-minded, which is a good sign for the future. 

netizens praise LGBT Couple

Translation: Congratulations! Love is beautiful no matter gender. The only thing that matters is love.  

netizens praise LGBT Couple

Translation: Love has no boundaries. It is just the way we accept each other’s pros and cons. No matter what [orientation] your lover is, you will always love them anyway. That’s true love.

netizens praise LGBT Couple

Translation: They are very beautiful. Congratulations to the both of you.

We wish Pond and Gift all the best

Gift and Pond pre-wedding

Image credit: ปอดน์นี่ & กิ๊ฟซี่

The pair have their very own Facebook page and Youtube channel where they share bits of their everyday lives with their followers.

Their love story is inspirational as it shows that people should not be judged just because of their sexual preferences. Everyone has the right to love whoever makes them happy, and be free to live in their own way without bothering others. 

While there is still much progress to be made in society for members of the LGBTQ+ community, we hope that this only paves way for more good changes in the future.