Thai man finds unknown Siberian husky in car

Sometimes when we get in our car, we can be surprised by unexpected things, be it a snake, a spider, or a frog that had gotten in without us realising. This is something common that people encounter from time to time. But what if one day you find something different? Something cute rather than creepy – at least in this particular driver’s case.

After he got off to dispose the trash, leaving his car door open, a Thai man randomly found an unknown Siberian husky sitting in his car. He later brought him back to her owner, after much confusion. Here’s how the heartwarming story played out.

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Unknown doggo jumps into a man’s car

Image credit: News.Thaipbs

On 17th August 2022, a man posted a tall tail tale on his Facebook page regarding an unexpected encounter in his car. He’d unexpectedly found a Siberian husky in his car after he got back from throwing out the trash.

Due to his religion, he shared that he could not keep the doggo as he was a Muslim, reported Sanook.

Image credit: Khaosod

Thus, the man decided to go around the village and asked a security guard for help to locate the lost dog’s owner.

After a bout of searching, they eventually found the owner of the dog. Once the owner saw the husky, she apparently cried with joy. According to her, the dog usually climbed the fence and followed her when she went to work.

This time, the female husky had gone missing for three days until the man found her and brought her back, reported Sanook.

Dog & owner were reunited thanks to the driver

At this point, we’d give a hearty round of applause to the man who helped reunite the lost doggo with her loving owner. We also give the driver props for not kicking the dog out of the car, but instead going the extra mile to help bring her home.

Understandably, for pet lovers, their pets are like their children, so there’s no doubt they will be very sad if they go missing.

If it were our dog, we would also be appreciative of his effort to help bring the dog back. This shows how kind this man is and proves the fact that there are many good people who are willing to be kind to each other.

Cover images adapted from (Clockwise from Top Left): News.Thaipbs, Khaosod

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