Thai burglar steals tissues from a luxury condo

Recent cases of breaking and entering in Thailand have shown that some burglars have acted in somewhat humorous ways. A case back in March 2021 involved a burglar who fell asleep while robbing a house.

Most recently, a man attempted to rob a tenant in a luxury condo. However, because the tenant was in the room, he resorted to just stealing two sheets of tissue paper.

Here’s how the full story played out, rather hilariously we might add.

Smooth criminals in Thailand:

Thai burglar stole two tissues before running away

Around 6AM on 14th May 2021, the police received a call from a Chinese resident saying that a stranger broke into their room at a luxury condo in Asok – they claimed he was looking around before taking two tissues and running away.

After failing to kick the intruder out, the tenant hid in a corner of the room out of fear but was able to take a picture of the burglar’s back before he left with the valuables.

arrested thief
Image credit: Matichon

Four to five days later, the police were able to locate and capture the suspect, Mr. Surasak, who was hiding in a friend’s house in Sathorn.

burglar caught on CCTV
Image credit: MGR Online

The condo’s CCTV reveals that Mr. Surasak had tried to open many other doors before entering the Chinese resident’s room, which was unlocked, according to Matichon.

A former security guard and a drug addict on parole

Police later shared that Mr. Surasak is a former security guard for condominiums in Bangna. Hence, he knew how the security systems worked and was able to enter the building easily.

After conversing further with the suspect, the police found out that he was arrested countless times for drug use and that he is currently on parole with an EM tracking device around his wrist.

police station
Image credit: MGR Online

Despite Mr. Surasak saying that he was just there to give the tenant his well-wishes, police investigations suggest that he was in fact trying to steal items, possibly to earn money to indulge in drug use. However, after realizing that the room owner was present, he decided to take only two pieces of tissue.

Mr. Surasak is now facing prosecution for the charge of breaking and entering in the middle of the night.

Remember to lock your doors

Mr. Surasak is proof that living high up in an apartment or condominium doesn’t guarantee that there will be no burglars, even with top security systems.

So, make it a routine to lock your doors every night from now on because we’ll definitely need those tissues for K-dramas.

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