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Before turning jails into tourist attractions, Thailand might need to deal with tightening their security systems to prevent jailbreaks from happening first. Taking inspiration from this guy who made an entire fake police identity, this Thai prisoner successfully broke out of jail by stealing an officer’s uniform and walking out.

Well, until CCTV footage was reviewed, of course.     

Performed really well until getting out

On 17th September 2020 at around 12.30 pm, there was a report of an inmate escaping from a prison in Phetchabun province. 

Thai Inmate Prison BreakImage credit: Kom Chad Luek

The 38-year-old man in question is Wuttichai Techasitthanawat, who had been sentenced for burglary cases since around July 2020. 

A CCTV in front of the jail had caught the prisoner in a dark blue police uniform, looking official while holding onto document files and wearing a hat and face mask to cover his real appearance.

Thai Inmate Prison Break
Image credit: Kom Chad Luek

In his disguise, he walked calmly to the front door and went back home by taking a motorbike taxi. 

Then, he took his own motorbike from home and rode around, but finally decided to leave it in an isolated field and hid himself in an abandoned house with the aim to wait until dark and continue his escape to see a friend in Laos.

Thai Inmate Prison BreakImage credit: Sanook

However, officers who were investigating his blotched prison break had found his motorbike which later led to his not-so-secret hideout. 

Thai Inmate Prison BreakImages adapted from: Workpoint Today

As reported on CH3 Channel, Techasitthanawat informed them that he was sentenced for over 6 cases and knew that he was going to be in jail for a long time. 

So, he decided to plan an escape all by himself without the help of inmates. He stole a uniform from the staff room and pretended to be a prison officer, as shown in a video.

Thai Inmate Prison BreakImage credit: Sanook

It was lucky that there was no one hurt or injured by his actions, but the prison officers will have to be more careful in preventing similar incidents in the future. 

This is not the case of Wentworth Miller in the Prison Break series, and we hope he learns his lesson in jail – where he’ll probably be for even longer this time.

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Featured image adapted from: Kom Chad Luek and Workpoint Today

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