Student collects ฿500 debt from father

Many parents teach their kids to start saving money from a young age.

With these good money habits instilled, it’s unquestionable why some children have so enough money that they are able to lend it to parents and are clever enough to prepare ways for dealing with debtors who do not pay their debts.

If you want to know how smart those children are, read this story about a young student who collected a ฿500 (~USD15) debt from his father and drafted a hand-written contract.

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Student drafts hand-written contract for his father

On 25th January 2022, a student named Punpun posted a picture of a hand-written contract with a coin-container next to it on his Facebook page, ปันปัน อันนี้กี่บาท.

The picture of the student’s contract was uploaded with a caption suggesting that the student’s debtor was his father. It reads, “To Mr. Pek, when you see this contract, please give money back to your son and pay the interest on the loan with your wife.”

Screenshot: TOP News

Prior to posting his contract online, the student revealed that earlier, his father had borrowed cash worth ฿500 (~USD15) to pay for  gas, but his dad has refused to pay back his debt.

The student then decided to draft the hand-written contract and asked his mother to sign it as a witness to his father’s debt and posted it on social media.

Screenshot: TOP News

According to Thairath, the father finally paid his debt along with interest worth ฿100 (~USD3) in cash.

Netizens help find the debtor

After the post was shared over 700 times and liked over 888, a lot of Facebook users also shared their two cents on the situation.
Screenshot: ปันปัน อันนี้กี่บาท

Translation: Hahaha don’t forget to pay your debt Mr. Pek. 

One netizen reminded the debtor pay the money he owed to his son.

Screenshot: ปันปัน อันนี้กี่บาท

Translation: Father needs to pay him ฿1,000 (~USD30) now.

Another netizen suggested the debtor should have also paid more interest.

Screenshot: ปันปัน อันนี้กี่บาท

Translation: Add on interest, based on the law.

One Facebook user suggested the student charge his father more interest for late debt payment.

What a smart boy he is

Even though the contract has no legal obligation, we must say that the student was a genius boy to already know to draft such a document and to use it as evidence.

We also admire his parents for teaching him a good saving money habit and believe that he will continue to put these lessons to use.

Cover images adapted from (L-R): ปันปัน อันนี้กี่บาท, TOP News

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