Student spotted hauling 15KG bag to school

For many students, backpacks are an essential item for carrying books, pencil boxes, and other belongings. But, sometimes, when the bag is overloaded with school supplies, it can be difficult to carry, especially the carrier has to walk to school.

If you want to see what it looks like, let’s take a look at this girl who was on her way to school and carrying a heavy bag.

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Student found trying to carry an overloaded bag to school

On 25th January 2022, Thai TikToker, @Teerayutjayjak, posted a video showing a young student trying to carry an overloaded bag to school.



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In the video, viewers can see that the student was awkwardly trying to carry her heavy bag – estimated to be at around 15KG by OP – on her back.

GIF: @Teerayutjayjak

The student tried standing up and walking while hauling the bag’s straps up onto her shoulders, but she couldn’t make it.

GIF: @Teerayutjayjak

After she failed to lift the bag up onto her back, the student decided to carry it in her hands.

GIF: @Teerayutjayjak

A few moments later, a passerby who saw the student awkwardly carrying the bag came to her aid. He helped lift the backpack onto her back so she could make sure the straps would rest on her shoulders.

Thanks to the passerby, it seemed to us that she could finally carry this heavy bag on her back.

Netizens send their encouragement to the student

After the clip was uploaded and went viral on TikTok – garnering more than 962K likes – many netizens sent their encouragement to the student.

Screenshot: @Teerayutjayjak

Translation: Fight on, student!

One netizen sent his encouragement to the student.

Screenshot: @Teerayutjayjak

Translation: She is such a fighter. LOL

Another netizen praised the student for her spirit.

Screenshot: @Teerayutjayjak

Translation: Her workload isn’t as heavy as the bag. LOL

One viewer shared that the bag is much heavier than the workload she’s been assigned at school.

There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel

The student who tried to carry this heavy bag to school has taught us one valuable life lesson: no matter how difficult things are, there’s always the light at the end of the tunnel.

To clarify, although she couldn’t carry the backpack at first, there was someone who admired her spirit and helped her to reach her goal.

Cover images adapted from (L-R): @Teerayutjayjak

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