Not our usual all-you-can-eat

Many Thais love going to all-you-can-eat buffet restaurants because we can eat anything we want, as much as we want. However, these basic concepts didn’t seem to sit well with one particular shabu buffet place in Bangkok.

Earlier this month, a Thai man named Nutmaethe Thanakitwuthikul posted a screenshot of his review of Shabu Shabu Nang Nai, Rama 9 Road Soi 43 branch, after the owner threatened to charge him extra because he ate too much shrimp and meat.

Image credit: Nutmaethe Thanakitwuthikul

The restaurant tried to increase his bill from ฿200 to ฿549, but he resisted.

In his review, Mr Thanakitwuthikul wrote, “I’m offended that the restaurant threatened to charge me extra because I ate too much and that they didn’t get to make a profit. ”

“Don’t bother to open an all-you-can-eat at all if you have this mindset.”

The screenshot has since been shared 2,200 times with around 2,000 comments. 

Restaurant wanted to take legal action

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Image credit: Payunbud

Hitting back at Mr Thanakitwuthikul’s negative review, the restaurant said he should have eaten other dishes instead of shrimp and meat because “that’s not shabu.”

“Imagine [you’re] trying to run a business and get customers [who eat] like you all the time, do you think that’s fair for us? We’ll take legal action if you continue to discredit us like this,” said the restaurant. 

It appears that the restaurant has removed itself from the review.

In response to the buffet place’s unapologetic response, Mr Thanakitwuthikul wrote that he would take the matter to the Office of the Consumer Protection Board (OCPB). 

The agency is now reviewing his complaint according to Khaosod English.

The restaurant has been radio silenced as of today.

Franchise owner sided with customer

Mr Thanakitwuthikul and Mr Puangpayom
Image credit: Nutmaethe Thanakitwuthikul

Since Shabu Shabu Nang Nai is actually a franchise restaurant, the branch owner and the franchise owner are also different people.

Taking the customer‘s side, Shabu Nang Nai’s founder Wanlerd Puangpayom, 72, apologised to the man in person and ensured that the franchise has no policy of charging people extra for “eating a lot”.

Mr Thanakitwuthikul later revealed on his social media that he was impressed by Mr Puangpayom’s mature response. 

Phew! We’re glad this heated drama ended on a happy note although we can’t say the same for the restaurant.

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