All-you-can-eat hot pot buffet in Chiang Mai

Thailand is a foodie’s paradise – especially for big eaters because it’s equipped with different spots serving giant dishes and also tons of all-you-can-eat buffet places. 

This hotpot buffet in Chiang Mai costs only ฿199 (~USD6.30) and goes beyond an ordinary buffet, with free-flow meat that comes in supersized trays that you can actually bring back home.

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No fine if you’re full

supersized food in Chiang MaiImage credit: ยิ่งคุณชาบู&ปิ้งย่าง

Ying Khun Shabu & Ping Yang (ยิ่งคุณชาบู&ปิ้งย่าง) or Ying Khun Shabu and Grill is a buffet restaurant in Chiang Mai. 

hot pot buffet in Chiang MaiImages adapted from: Mojiko and

You can enjoy an all-you-can-eat buffet for only ฿199 (~USD6.30), and enjoy both hotpot and grill services without any extra charge. 

supersized food in Chiang MaiImage credit: ยิ่งคุณชาบู&ปิ้งย่าง

But what causes a crowd in front of the store all the time is their giant trays of meat, ranging from beef and pork like beef brisket, chuck eye, sirloin, bacon, and more. 

supersized food in Chiang MaiThe normal-sized trays are also available
Image credit: ยิ่งคุณชาบู&ปิ้งย่าง

Chicken, seasoned pork, offal, fish, noodles, eggs, vegetable, and other snacks are also available free-flow at their food bar.

Surprisingly, if you can’t finish the tray, the store will give you a sealed bag to pack your meat back home. This way, you don’t have to worry about paying a fine for wasted food as you can cook the meat for a meal at home. That’s what we‘ve always wanted!

hot pot buffet in Chiang MaiYou can really take it home
Image credit: Mojiko

A hidden gem you shouldn’t miss  

Ying Khum Shabu & Ping Yang is hidden along a small alley on Chonlapatarn Road which takes only a few minute drive from Nimmana Haeminda. 

supersized food in Chiang MaiImage credit: Mojiko

Spot the crowd to make sure that you are at the right place. 

The store opens until the late-night at 11PM, so this is a perfect place to have supper with your fellow foodie buddies.

Ying Khum Shabu & Ping Yang (ยิ่งคุณชาบู&ปิ้งย่าง)
Address: 6, Chonlapatarn Rd., Suthep Sub-district, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50200.
Opening Hours: 4PM-11PM, Daily
Telephone: +66 63 196 2282

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Cover image adapted from: ยิ่งคุณชาบู&ปิ้งย่าง

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