Phu Pha Man in Khon Kaen

Uluru in Australia is a well-known destination that many people, including us, want to visit. But if sky-high airfares are preventing you from realising that dream of yours, we’ve recently have found a place in Thailand that you don’t need to pay through the nose to get those amazing shots.

Phu Pha Man in Khon Kaen boasts an emerald lagoon surrounded by limestone hills and a giant rock that resembles Uluru in Australia.

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Pay a visit to Blue Lagoon in Khon Kaen

Image credit: @kanja_mhuay

When we first caught a glimpse of Blue Lagoon in Thailand, a picture of a lake in Canada popped up in our head. Because of the emerald colour of the water, this particular lagoon stands out from many other ordinary wetlands in our country.

When you arrive, the body of water is, naturally, the first thing that will catch your attention. The lagoon is also surrounded by rugged limestone crags, which are reflected on the surface of the lagoon, making it the perfect backdrop for your photographs.

Image credit: @ruenruedeesaen

You’ll have no trouble finding different spots and angles to snap your portraits, as there are rocks that you can climb up and pose on to get cool photos of yourself overlooking the lagoon.

Admire the view of a giant rock from afar

Image credit: @aeae_amonrat

Half an hour away from Blue Lagoon is a massive rock called Hug Khao sitting in the middle of nowhere that will remind you of Uluru in Australia. The rock is partly surrounded by forested areas, imparting a mysterious vibe to it.

Image credit: @psh_1p

Across from the rock, past a body of water, there’s a spot at which you can relax and buy drip coffee from ฿250 (~USD6.9) to sip while taking in the magnificent view. Whether you’re a professional shutterbug or beginner photographer, we bet you won’t want to miss out the opportunity to snap breathtaking photos here.

Image credit: @psh_1p

If you’re worried that you might be bored after sitting for a long time, hop on a boat ride for ฿100 (~USD2.7). This service is offered by View Phaman that’s well-known in the area. Each boat can take up to two persons, and the paddler will take you around for 20-30 minutes.

Campsite with a great mountain as a backdrop

Image credit: @namhom.nkk

If you think a 1-day trip is not enough for you to explore Phu Pha Man, we recommend you bring a tent to rest at Phu Pha Man National Park for a night. The location is 30 minutes away from Hug Khao, and there’s a large camping area where you can expect to see tourists setting up their tents.

Image credit: @imcappp_

The spotlight here is the lofty mountain that overlooks the campsite. If you’re visiting in winter, you can expect to see patches of mist floating around the peak of the mountain. Campers will have to pay ฿30 (~USD0.8)/person per night and foreigners need to fork out an additional ฿100 (~USD2.7) as admission fee.

The site comes equipped with bathrooms, showers, restaurants, and parking space. If you haven’t brought along your own tent, you can rent one here for ฿225 (~USD6.2)/night.

Getting to Phu Pha Man in Khon Kaen

Rising oil prices are making it expensive to travel during this time, so if you’ve always wanted to go to Australia to see Uluru but can’t fork out the budget, pay a visit to Phu Pha Man in Khon Kaen instead.

Driving here from Bangkok will take about seven hours. You can also fly to Khon Kaen International Airport and rent a car to get to Blue Lagoon about an hour and a half. Add this place to your bucket list if you’re in for an outdoor camping trip. While you’re at it, you can also snap beautiful photos to add to your collection.

For more precise directions to Blue Lagoon and Hug Khao, click on the hyperlinked names above.

Phu Pha Man
Address: Phu Pha Man, Phu Pha Man District, Khon Kaen 40350
Opening Hours:
6AM – 7PM, Daily (Blue Lagoon) 
Telephone: +66 4 300 1753 (Phu Pha Man National Park)
Phu Pha Man National Park’s Facebook | Google Maps

Cover images adapted from (clockwise from top left): @kanja_mhuay, @aeae_amonrat and ขอนแก่น-Khonkaen Station

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