Pae 500 Rai is a floating resort

When holiday season approaches, we’re always on the lookout for resorts in the forest, glamping sites on a mountain or even a hotel by the sea. To switch up your next getaway, consider this – floating resorts on a lake – perfect for 3D1N stays with lots of water activities like kayaking, swimming in a floating pool, or exploring local wildlife.

So if what I’ve mentioned above has piqued your interest, you’ll be pleased to note that Pae 500 Rai in Surat Thani is one such floating resort in Ratchaprapha Dam. Boasting amenities like a floating swimming pool and an outdoor bathtub for guests to soak in while watching the sunset, here’s what else is in store for visitors.

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Floating resort surrounded by islands

Image credit: Escaper Journey คนหนีเที่ยว

Pae 500 Rai is home to traditional looking bungalows lined side-by-side horizontally in the middle of the lake in Ratchaprapha Dam.

Parked in front of each spacious house, is one or two kayaks in different colours for guests to have free access to use them.

Behind the accommodation stands a dense jungle on an island you can explore or hike through at your leisure.

Image credit: ลากกันไป : Lakgunpai

As for the view from these bungalows, casting our eyes further beyond the horizon, you can expect to see many immense islands that are covered with thick wilderness.

We’re guessing that the mysterious allure of these islands might just inspire you to cruise around to explore them, hoping to catch something bizarre hidden there.

Image credit: Chill With Me

If you don’t trust the deep water in the lake, consider swimming in the communal pool to enjoy uninterrupted views of the forested islands all around. Of course, if you prefer your privacy, and are willing to shell out the extra cash for it, check out the next section.

Cabins with a private outdoor tub & private pool

Image credit: หมีบรื้น : The Wanderer Bear

For those who’re planning a family trip for up to 4 pax or an extremely lux lover’s getaway, we’d recommend this Honeymoon Suite from ฿35,000 (~USD1,060)/night. For the hefty price tag, you and bae will get a private swimming pool, an outdoor tub, and two kayaks. Considering the facilities, this option can also be an exclusive room for the family or squad of hen’s night revellers.

Image credit: แบกกล้องเที่ยว

As for slightly more affordable options, this Villa at ฿20,000 (~USD606)/night will welcome you and 2 to 4 friends of yours with one kayak available in front of the room, and similarly spectacular views of the lake.

For those who just want to spend two nights on this iconic lake, we’d say a short stint at this luxurious villa will definitely be sufficient – so long as you pack all the activities you’re planning to try into the schedule while staying here.

Kayak paddling & long-tail boat cruise

Image credit: ลากกันไป : Lakgunpai

Just talking about the vastness of the lake gets us extremely hyped up – so much so that we’d definitely recommend paddling through the mini-islets on a kayak. Make the most of your free time here by venturing out on smol paddle boats with your friends to truly get up close and personal with the islands.

Image credit: 500rai Floating Resort Chiewlarn Lake Khaosok

Hopefully, the stunning scenery doesn’t distract you so much that you’ll realise you have paddled miles away from your room.

Of course, if overly strenuous water activities aren’t your cup of tea, you might want to take a long-tail boat cruise on the emerald waters. Without the need to paddle your boat yourself, you’ll have way more time to grab your camera and shoot pictures of these outlandish islands to show your friends.

Image credit: 500rai Floating Resort Chiewlarn Lake Khaosok

By the way, guests are free to go trailing or hiking in the jungle around the resort. Some cliffs have viewpoints where you’ll be able to catch panoramic shots of the lake shrouded in mist.

Rangers will also ask that you exercise caution as there’ve been sightings of dangerous animals in the jungle before, so a pro-tip is to come with friends or have a tour guide with you.

Getting to Pae 500 Rai in Surat Thani

If you’re hoping to take your next trip to Thailand to another level, booking a stay at this gorgeous floating resort could be a good way to celebrate a special occasion. Besides the lovely scenery, you’ll also enjoy a great number of both marine and land activities here, like hiking, trekking or kayaking. Plus, the tranquility of the lake could be what city dwellers like us need to clear our minds on the holiday.

As for getting to Pae 500 Rai, you’ll need to take a bus from the airport and then take a boat, which will take 1.5 hours to reach the resort. Although it make take a little longer to get here, we’re sure you’ll enjoy the views on the cruise ride here. As they say, the journey – and company – is the real reward.

Pae 500 Rai
Address: Ratchaprapha Dam, Khao Phang, Ban Ta Khun District, Surat Thani 84230
Telephone: +66 7 7953 013
Pae 500 Rai’s Facebook | Google Maps

Cover images adapted from (Clockwise from Top Left): Chill With Me, 500rai Floating Resort Chiewlarn Lake Khaosok, หมีบรื้น : The Wanderer Bear, ลากกันไป : Lakgunpai

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