Nives Cafe & Bar has a ‘Hobbit House’ in Samut Sakhon

For fantasy movie fanatics, we know how much you’d love to teleport to mystical lands where there are gorgeous giant castles or strange houses — like one where Hobbits reside — to experience the beauty you can’t expect to see in the real world.

However, those fantastical worlds aren’t usually somewhere we can really live in, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to visit one.

Nivés Cafe & Bar is a European-inspired cafe in Samut Prakan where you can expect to have a snack in front of a Scottish castle or pose with a Hobbit House, about a 1-hour drive away from Bangkok.

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European castle & Hobbit House in Samut Prakan

Image credit: Nives Cafe and Bar

Nivés Cafe & Bar is a spacious cafe located in Samut Prakan, which is 1 hour away from Bangkok. When you walk right in, you are likely to pay attention to the expansive green pond in the middle surrounded by the dining areas on both sides.

Once you’ve looked around, you might find it hard to resist the urge to rush to get a table before ordering anything.

Image credit: @ple_boonyapohn

Gazing beyond the pond, you will spot a grey structure that resembles the inns and taverns featured in popular TV show Game Of Thrones, albeit a miniature version – sans any flaming dragons and creatures at war. At the facade, there are windows with different shapes barred with brown panes and shutters. We also love the contrast between the colors of the blue wall and the shopfronts.

Image credit: CAFE TELLER

Next to the castle, you’ll notice a small cottage that will bring to mind a well-known house in your mind — The Hobbit House. This mock-up cottage is the highlight for most guests who’ll typically flock here for pics.

We’ll take a break from the exterior for now, as it’s time to bring you around to explore the interior of the cafe.

Mini waterfall with a bar to chill out in the cafe

Image credit: โดดงานไป

If you can’t endure the heat outside, you can get a seat at a bar beside a mini waterfall inside the ‘castle’. While indoors, you’ll feel the coolness, not only from the AC but also from the cooling mist that from the water feature.

After you pick your seat – whether indoors or outdoors – you’ll probably be wondering what’s on the menu at the bar. We’ve got some recommendations next to help you save time on deciding what to have.

Fusion pasta and mixed berry sodas from ฿120

Image credit: ก็เค้าอยากรีวิวอ่ะ

Besides fusion pastas, if you love spicy Thai food, we’d recommend this Spicy Shrimp Fried Rice for ฿169 (~USD5) which comes with big pieces of shrimp on the side of your plate. The kick of spices is pretty strong, so you may be longing for a drink to lessen the heat in your mouth after polishing a plate.

Look no further than their signature Springfield at ฿120 (~USD3) — a drink which imbues sparkling water with berries and honey.

Nivés Cafe & Bar is a 1-hour drive from Bangkok

As we mentioned earlier, paying pilgrimage to a spot that resembles a location from a fantastical place doesn’t have to be a pipe dream forever. So if you’d wish to spend some time near a gigantic European castle, let Nivés Cafe & Bar be an option for your next lunch trip on the road.

If you’re already in Bangkok, we’d say it’s really worth it to drive here in one hour to experience the ‘overseas’ vibes yourself.

After having your meal there, do feel free to share your experiences with us in the comments.

Nivés Cafe & Bar
Address: 168 Moo 8 Krathum Baen District, Samut Sakhon 74130
Opening Hours:
Mon–Fri, 10.30AM – 9PM (Closed on Tuesday) | Sat – Sun, 10.30AM – 11PM
Telephone: +66 9 2978 7988
Nivés Cafe & Bar’s Facebook | Google Maps

Cover images adapted from (Clockwise from Top Left): @nives_cafeandbar, @ple_boonyapohn, Nives Cafe and Bar

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