Thai mum styles her daughter’s hair every day

When we were kids, our mothers usually dressed us or styled our hair before going to school, hoping that we’d look our best among our friends and classmates. But this mum in Thailand has taken it to the next level. She seems bent on making sure that her daughter stands out in school every day with her creative hairstyles.

A Tik Tok user recently went viral on social media after posting daily videos of her styling her daughter’s elaborate and funky hairstyles for school. Needless to say, they’ve definitely caught the attention of her teachers, so keep reading to find out more about this adorable trend-setting mother-daughter duo.

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Thai mum shows her daughter’s creative hairstyles on Tik Tok

Screenshot: @pintopeeyavadee

On 25th June 2022, Thai TikTok user @pintopeeyavadee went viral on social media for her videos of her daughter’s creative hairstyles to school every day, reported Khaosod.

Her daughter’s hair would be styled in various hairstyles every morning and the mother would even follow netizens’ requests to do specific hairstyles. As a result, many of her followers have complimented her on her creativity and her daughter’s cuteness.

Screenshot: @pintopeeyavadee

Clearly, doing each of these hairstyles requires lots of time and effort. But we think that the effort is justified, given the many compliments from social media users as well as her teachers at school.

Screenshot: @pintopeeyavadee

Besides dolling her girl up with funky hairstyles, she’s also dressed her daughter in pretty costumes. Here’s a screenshot from one of her videos, with her daughter cosplaying as ‘Ganggubai‘.

Netizens compliment this Thai mum and ask her for ideas

Due to the sheer amount of viral videos posted, many netizens have fallen head over heels for her daughter’s charms, explaining the duo’s massive following of over 226,600 followers on TikTok at the time of writing.

Several netizens have repeatedly commented on her mother’s creativity, and some have even put in fan requests for certain hairstyles to be featured.

Screenshot: @pintopeeyavadee

Translation: Everybody will remember her.

This particular TikTok user said that everyone would remember her daughter due to her striking hairstyles.

Screenshot: @pintopeeyavadee

Translation: This is a kindergarten fashion.

Another netizens shared that her style could influence others, and make her a fashion icon for kindergarten students.

Screenshot: @pintopeeyavadee

Translation: Eiffel Tower should be next!

This commenter jokingly said that featuring an “Eiffel Tower hairstyle” next would be great.

Screenshot: @pintopeeyavadee

Translation: Her hairstyles and costumes inspires me to have a daughter.

Finally, one netizen went as far as stating that she felt like having a daughter after watching the videos.

Kudos to the mum’s creativity & effort every day

We can’t deny that every parent tries to ensure their kids look good in any situation, but we’ve never seen creative hairstyles like these before in Thailand. Let’s applaud this mother for showcasing her creativity, and love for her daughter in such a wholesome way.

For those who have daughters yourselves, we think it would be great to try these hairstyle ideas on your kiddos to see how cute they’ll turn out. Maybe, your children could become fashion icons at their schools too.

Cover images adapted from (Clockwise from Top Left): @pintopeeyavadee, @pintopeeyavadee, @pintopeeyavadee

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