Tourist pretends to run out of cash

As Thais, we often feel delighted every time we hear tourists say that Thai people are very kind, and we’re glad that they’ve had positive experiences in our country. We really hope that the age old adage of “kindness begets kindness” will continue to influence others in our global society.

In this case, the kindness shown in this story, involved a tourist in Thailand pretending to run out of money to pay for his ฿50 noodles – only to surprise the hawker with ฿500 after he attempted to waive the fee. The clip on TikTok which captured the event has since gone viral, and many netizens praised the man for his generosity.

Let’s find out exactly how this story played out.

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Tourist pranks a kind Thai noodle hawker

tourist pretendsScreenshot: @immikeyu

On 22nd June 2022, a video of a tourist surprising a hawker at a noodle stall with ฿500 was spotted going viral on TikTok. Here’s how his heartwarming prank played out.

tourist pretendsScreenshot: @immikeyu

The backpacker can be heard saying he was short of cash to pay for his bowl of ฿50 noodles. He claimed that he only had ฿35 as he wanted to see how the hawker would react.

As it turns out, the hawker smiled at him kindly and nodded his head in agreement that the tourist could pay him ฿35 instead. That’s when the OP surprised him by giving him ฿500 for his kindness. The hawker can be observed wondering what was going on in disbelief, in a truly heartwarming moment.

After the video went viral, many TikTok users praised both the hawker and the tourist for their generosity.

Netizens complimented both men for their generosity

Screenshot: TikTok

Translation: I smiled while I was watching this video. You are good-hearted.

One TikTok user said she was happy when she saw this video.

Screenshot: TikTok

Translation: You are such a good-natured man.

Another netizen commented that she felt that the tourist was a “good-natured” man.

Screenshot: TikTok

Translation: I regularly go to eat at this stall. The noodles are so yummy. The stall is located at Chiang Mai Gate Market.

A food connoisseur in the comments section shared the location of the stall – Chiang Mai Gate Market – and that the hawker’s noodles taste very good.

Screenshot: TikTok

Translation: Are you in Thailand, Son Heung Min?

Many users also jokingly commented that he looks like Son Heung Min, a famous footballer of Tottenham Hotspur in the UK.

Kindness is the best gift we can give each other

We’d like to give kudos to these two guys for their kindness. Hopefully, the tourist will also receive more positive and heartwarming experiences elsewhere in the country.

Clearly, showing kindness is the best thing we can do to make each other happy without much effort. We find it very heartwarming to hear stories like this, as to spread kindness, you don’t really need big or grand gestures. Even a little thing like giving compliments can make someone’s day.

Cover images adapted from (Clockwise from Top Left): @immikeyu

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