Spicy Korean wings At McDonald’s Thailand

Korean Chicken Wings
Images adapted from: proxumer

McDonald’s is known for its “fusion” food, like the customer fave, Salted Egg fries. And now, after a short vacation, the Spicy Korean Wings are returning to Thailand’s outlets once again with its same special taste. After all, fans of Korean food will know how iconic their fried chicken scene is.

This has been a big hit with Thai locals’ taste buds. The crispy chicken comes with a generous dose of spicy and slightly sweet sauce and seaweed flakes.  It costs ฿69 for 4 pieces, and ฿99 for 6 pieces.

Korean Chicken Wings

Mouthwatering crispy chicken wings – crunch!
Image credit: @proxumerth 

These wings are great for snacking. Plus, if you have an extra stomach room, you’d better go for a set which has 4 crispy chicken wings, regular fries, and a drink at ฿109. You can also get the 6-piece set for ฿139. 

Korean chicken wings
Image credit: proxumer

This promotion will only be available at participating branches until 24th September 2019. So, before these chicken wings leave us again, you can try them at the nearest McDonald’s in your neighbourhood!