Kai Kem shaker fries at McDonald’s

McDonald's Salted Egg FriesImage adapted from: followmybear

Thai locals have been crazy about salted egg, or what we call Kai Kem, in our main dishes for a long time. It has even become a distinctive ingredient in many snacks like crispy seaweed or potato chips as well, and McDonald’s in Thailand has jumped on the trend. It has newly launched the Kai Kem Shaker fries, which come with a packet of salted egg seasoning powder. 

McDonald's Salted Egg Fries
Image credit: McDonald’s

You can try these addictive fries at all Thai branches except the ones in Phi Phi island, Thai airports, and Muang Thong Thani. Prices start at ฿59 for medium fries to ฿79 for XL size. This promotion is only available until 27 August 2019, so you’d better hurry.

New Katsu Cheese Burger available too

McDonald's Salted Egg FriesImage credit: BKreview

If salted egg is not your thing, you should skip this Shake Fries. Fortunately, you can still enjoy crispy fish or chicken Katsu Cheese Burger that comes with a serving of cheese and katsu sauce. It costs ฿89 and is also available until 27 August 2019.