Super mom at work

Husband Watches Wife On CCTV

Image adapted from วิทวัส โกศัลวัฒน์

I can’t imagine life without my mom. She’s like a superhero who can do everything, from cooking and cleaning to helping me with my school projects. Plus, she always knows where my things are when I lose them. We’re also very close as my father has to go out to work – which is common in many families. 

While many may think working outside is an exhausting task, we don’t always know how tiring it can be for stay-at-home moms. 

This man realised that after checking-in on his wife and baby on their CCTV camera, learning that the daily life of a mom was not what he expected.

Shared how hard his wife works while he’s away

วิทวัส โกศัลวัฒน์ (Withawat Kosallawat) shared this lovely story about his family on Facebook. The post featured screenshots from his home’s CCTV camera, and depict the daily life of his wife and child while he is out at work. 

Husband Watches Wife On CCTV

Translation: I always look at the CCTV to check in on my wife and child to see what they’re doing everyday. My wife does tasks non-stop all day long and doesn’t have much rest both day and night. However, she has never complained about this. 


He continued his caption with a note for his wife, thanking her for taking care of the family. 

“I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for me and our child,” he writes.

Mr. Kosallawat ended it off with a PSA for other parents out there: “If you go out for work and feel exhausted, do not complain or think that your wife stays at home doing nothing. You must change this mindset. Taking care of a child at home is not easy. Our exhaustion cannot be compared with that of our wives.” 

Others praise him for his honesty

Many users started tagging their friends and family members to see Mr. Kosallawat’s cute dedication post. Others also praised him for being a good husband and father.

compliment for a husband

Translation: I’m pleased you have this idea. If your wife sees this, her exhaustion might disappear. 

compliment for a husband

Translation: Your wife is very lucky. Most husbands don’t understand and might think their wives are boring.

It wasn’t just the netizens that felt delighted after seeing this post. Ms. Kamolthip – the super mom herself – also shared a post to thank her husband and everyone else who left positive comments on the post.

Husband Watches Wife On CCTV

Translation: This is our child Namo. It really surprised us that my husband’s post went viral. Thank you everybody for following and supporting us. 


She also left a note of encouragement for other wives and mothers out there.

“Actually, moms and wives don’t want anything big – just the understanding and support from our husbands and families. That’s more than enough. For me, that gives me power to take care of my family.”

Always be there for our family members

Supporting and understanding our family members is the most important thing when it comes to maintaining happiness as a unit. 

So here’s a shout-out to all the super moms and dads out there!

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