Musical grandma and her dog

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Image credit: หญิงชรา กะ หมาน้อย, Malinda Herman Official

I’ll say it – we love grannies, and we love dogs. So when we found out about Malinda Herman (Granny Lin) and her dog, Jew Jam, it was love at first sight. Or rather, sound.

Granny Lin has been singing songs to her little furbaby, which she records and uploads on her Facebook page. From heartfelt English ballads to Thai classics, she’s won the hearts of netizens from all over the planet for sharing this special bond with everyone.

Friend got Jew Jam for her after old dog passed away

Granny Lin shared that she found herself in a rough patch when her old dog passed away years ago. This prompted her friend, who was an owner of a beauty salon she used to visit, to get her a new dog to cheer her up.

Her newfound happiness came in the form of Jew Jam, a little chihuahua. 

malinda herman and jew jam

Image credit: หญิงชรา กะ หมาน้อย

Funnily enough, Granny Lin shared that she used to dislike dogs when she was younger. Things have changed though – Jew Jam and the rest of her “wolf pack” have helped her feel less lonely.

Plus, she noted that Jew Jam is a great listener, who stays calm throughout her singing, which Granny Lin shares on Facebook. She’s amassed a ton of fans worldwide with over 65k likes on her page!

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Source: Malinda Herman Official

Been in the music business for over 40 years

Granny Lin doesn’t just sing for fun – she does it as it helps keep her mind stimulated, which is something she finds important as she gets older. Plus, she’s quite the veteran – this granny has been in the music biz for the last 40 years or so! She also used to perform at hotels and bars when she was younger.

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Image credit: Hey Mom Bar

In fact, she’s got a music bar which she started with her son, Note, called Hey! Mom Bar Live Music House. And not only does Granny Lin bust out sweet tunes – she plays the guitar, piano, and the drums too.

Support Granny Lin and Jew Jam’s musical journey

Granny Lin’s story has tugged at our heartstrings, and we hope she continues doing what she loves together with her little sidekick, Jew Jam. 

malinda herman and her dog jew jam

Image credit: หญิงชรา กะ หมาน้อย

If you’d like to keep up with her, you can follow her on Facebook and Youtube, which she updates regularly. 

And if you’re in Bangkok, drop by Hey! Mom Bar to see her perform live!

Hey! Mom Bar
Address: Watcharaphon Intersection, Ramintra, Bangkok, Thailand
Opening Hours: Tue-Sun: 6PM-1AM (Closed on Mondays)
Telephone: 091 048 5545