Lifelong learning for this Thai granny 

91-Year-Old Granny

Image credit: BBC Thai

Age shouldn’t be a barrier for learning, and 91-year-old Kimlan Jinakul, has proved that. She just graduated from Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University with a bachelor’s degree in Human and Family Development.  

She committed to her studies for 10 years

Though she was a good student at while at school, Grandma Kimlan couldn’t make a choice for a university when she was younger. After moving to Bangkok, she got married and had to stop her education due to other commitments.

granny and her degree from the king

Kimlan Jinakul receiving her certificate from King Rama 10
Image credit: Thai PBS News

However, wanting to continue her education was always a dream she had in mind. At the age of 72, Grandma Kimlan decided to continue her studies together with one of her daughters. 

Unfortunately, her daughter met with an accident and passed away, causing her to pause her studies once again. But despite the many obstacles she faced, this grandma still kept up with her goals and enrolled in university again two years later.

Kimlan and her family

Grandma Kimlan surrounded by her loving family on her graduation day
Image credit: BBC Thai

She decided to pursue a degree in Human and Family Development due to her interest in living a good and happy life with others. Eventually, her can-do attitude and huge encouragement from her family led to her success.

Living a better life with knowledge

The graduate granny said that she stays strong and healthy because she puts all the knowledge she has learned to practice in her daily life. 

She also emphasized the importance of education, saying, “If we don’t learn and don’t read, we will end up knowing nothing. But if we keep on learning, we’ll realise what’s going on in our society, in our country and our world.”

91-Year-Old Granny study

Image credit: BBC Thai

There are currently 199 students over 60-years of age studying at Sukhothai Thammathirat University. The college will continue supporting the elderly who are interested in studying, offering them with a convenient enrolment process with free entrance costs, long-distance learning, and all study materials provided.

Grandma Kimlan is an inspiration for all students out there

91-Year-Old Granny graduate

Image credit: BBC Thai

Grandma Kimlan serves as a role model for everybody, young and old, to keep on learning. Life is a learning journey, and as Einstein said: “Once you stop learning, you start dying”.

Even if we’ve already graduated from university, there are still many things in the world waiting for us to explore.