Ko Ouan Salapao at Iconsiam, Bangkok

Ko Ouan Salapao Serves Chinese stuffed buns

Hailing from Hat Yai, Ko Ouan Salapao has brought its famous fried and steamed buns to Bangkok that come stuffed to the brim with yummy fillings.

It’s been a household name for over 3 decades, and its newest stall is located at Iconsiam, right here in central BKK. Here’s what to get on your visit here.

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Delicious deep-fried and steamed salapao

Bangkok 30-year-old Ko Ouan Salapao

Whether you know it as bao, pau, or salapao, there is no denying that these hot buns are delicious and best eaten fresh. 

At Ko Ouan, fried buns are cooked in palm oil till they are nice and golden-brown. This ensures that it’s crispy on the outside, white remaining soft and bready on the inside. 

1. Creamy Custard Deep-Fried Buns

Deep-fried salapao in Bangkok

Their Creamy Custard Deep-Fried Bun (฿35) is a classic choice and a must-order at Ko Ouan. The buns are stuffed with a rich custard cream, that has a nice subtle sweet flavour. The creamy filling is perfect when eaten with the warm and crispy fried salapao. 

2. BBQ Pork with Salted Egg Deep-Fried Buns

Salted egg with bbq pork buns in BangkokSink your teeth into a delicious pork bun

If you’re looking for something savoury, try the BBQ Pork with Salted Egg Deep-Fried Bun (฿39). The combination of barbequed pork and salted egg is a match made in heaven. The filling is well seasoned, and though it’s in a fried bun, it didn’t feel greasy. 

Do note that this bun is one of their most popular flavours and tends to run out in the early evenings. 

3. Charcoal BBQ Pork Steamed Bun

Chinese charcoal buns at Ko Ouan Salapao

Steamed bun fans can try the Charcoal BBQ Pork Steamed Bun (฿32). The taste of this salapao is not as fancy as its deep-fried counterpart, but still packs a punch. The filling is peppery and sweet from the BBQ, and we really liked how soft and chewy the bun was.

4. Jumbo Big Pau

Chinese bun store in Bangkok

The Jumbo Big Pau (฿55) or Salapao Chakkraphat was the biggest bun we tried at Ko Ouan. This big boy comes with a ton of ingredients such as minced pork, Chinese sausage, shiitake mushrooms, green peas, gingko nuts, and a boiled egg. 

Just make sure your tummy is empty before gobbling this down.

5. Signature Thai Iced Tea with Nestum

drink items at Ko Ouan Salapao

To wash everything down, we went with Ko Ouan’s Signature Thai Iced Tea with Nestum Cereals (฿90).This refreshing drink comes topped with Nestum cereal imported from Malaysia. The cereal was sort of like dried oats, and almost “melted” into the tea, giving it some extra flavour. It’s not a common drink combination you’ll find in Thailand, so make sure to give this a try. 

Drop by Ko Ouan for a snack at Iconsiam

Chinese-style buns in Bangkok

After giving a bunch of their menu items a try, we agree that Ko Ouan serves up some really good buns. Each salapao had a distinct taste, and it was tough picking our favourite one. 

The shop is also conveniently located at Iconsiam, which can be easily reached from Saphan Taksin BTS. So if you’re in the mood for some yummy munchies, head to Ko Ouan for a snack. 

Ko-Ouan Salapao
Location: Iconsiam, Takashimaya Zone
Nearest Train Stations: Saphan Taksin BTS, Krung Thonburi BTS
Opening Hours: 10AM-9PM, Daily
Telephone: +66 95 539 2451 

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