KFC’s Salted Egg menu

salted egg

Images adapted from: @sale_here

After McD’s salted egg fries hit Thailand last month, KFC is now launching a new salted egg menu at its branches in the area of Rangsit for customers. 

New menu items

For this promotion, KFC is offering 3 classic choices with salted egg combination: Golden Salted Egg Crispy Chicken, Golden Salted Egg Pop Nuggets, and Golden Salted Egg Tart.

1. Golden Salted Egg Crispy Chicken

salted egg fried chicken

Look at that golden sauce!
Image credit: @punpromotion 

Starting with the all-time leading star: Crispy Chicken. Golden Salted Egg Crispy Chicken (฿107) gives you 2 pieces of crispy fried chicken with a generous dose of creamy salted egg sauce. Be sure to wipe your plates clean and soak up all of the sauce when eating.

salted egg fried chicken

Tender chicken with crispy skin
Image credit: @sale_here 

2. Golden Salted Egg Pop Nugget

salted egg pop nuggets

Best choice for a snack
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If fried chicken pieces are too much for you and you’d like a lighter snack, KFC has popcorn chicken too. Golden Salted Egg Pop Nugget (฿99) is served a small bucket for you to easily grab-and-go. 

3. Salted Egg Tart

salted egg tart

Creamy salted egg chunks!
Image credit: @sale_here 

Lots of customers love KFC’s egg tarts, and it now has a salted egg twist – which looks really yummy. The Salted Egg Tart (฿29) is made special with a thin layer of golden sauce, topped with chunks of salted egg. You can munch into its creamy texture while the tart itself is warm and crispy.

Available at KFC outlets in Rangsit

This salted egg menu is temporary till 11th September 2019, and currently only available at KFC’s branches in Rangsit, Pathumthani province. Outlets include:

  • Future Park Rangsit
  • Major Cineplex Rangsit, Sathaporn
  • Sathaporn Village Rangsit
  • Rangsit Klong 3
  • BigC Pathumthani
  • Lamlukka Klong 4
  • Thammasat University Drive Thru

Rangsit is roughly 40 minutes from Victory Monument and is accessible by van, so you can pop by if you would like to give it a try. The van stop is behind Ko Phaya Thai, between Center One Shopping Centre and Century Movie Plaza

There is no news on whether this will be expanding to other outlets across Thailand at the moment, but do stay tuned to KFC’s Facebook for the latest updates.