KBank staff badmouths customers on livestream

Since we’re all human, complaining about our jobs is pretty normal as long as it’s done behind closed doors. But one Kasikornbank (KBank) staff took her grievances a step further and badmouthed her customers on a livestream – an act which drew criticism from the public.

KBank responded to the post on Twitter saying that they will be looking into the matter to discipline her, pledging to improve staff service going forward.

Here’s what the KBank staff said that got Thai Twitter all riled up, to say the least.

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KBank staff livestreams her work

On 22nd September 2022, a video clip was circulated of the KBank staff’s fateful livestream. In the clip, the staff member appears to be busy counting bank notes on the machine.

The first sign of trouble occurred when a noise can be heard off-screen as the note-counting machine jams. The staff, looking annoyed, reaches over to attempt to solve the issue.

Image credit: @RedSkullxxx

This move also marks the point in the video when she starts complaining. Using profanity-laden language, she complains about customers wiring the bills together. She continues to complain as her off-screen colleague chimes in as well.

After the stream ended, a netizen clipped the video and shared the troubling scene online. On Twitter, the response to the KBank staff’s actions ranged from outrage to disappointment at the professionalism displayed.

Public outrage over viral clip

Many Thai Twitter users expressed their anger in response to the incident. Some users questioned the appropriateness of conducting a livestream while working.


Screenshot: @RedSkullxxx

Translation: Can you really use your phone during work? Is this a real employee or just a content creator?

One user tried to offer a balanced response.

Screenshot: @RedSkullxxx

Translation: Actually, people shouldn’t wire or tape banknotes together. But this employee was also at fault for being on her phone while working. She is also working with clients so this is damaging the bank’s image. Customers will feel hurt by this. I will be surprised if the bank does not take action.

After the backlash, KBank also responded promptly to the post on Twitter.

Screenshot: @KBank_Live

Translation: The bank acknowledges this issue. We will warn our staff about this inappropriate behavior. We will also work to improve our customer service going forward.

Although the staff involved will be disciplined, this incident still highlights the pitfalls of oversharing on social media.

Be discreet about what you share on social media

Social media is a relatively new concept for many people. Most people who are over 20 come from a time where most of what we do isn’t permanently recorded for people the world over to see. But that is our reality today.

These days, people from across the globe may get to see that passing joke you made in poor taste, meant only for your closest of friends. A clip of something you said taken out of context, could also result in others missing the nuance involved.

Until we can come up with a better solution together, being careful about what you share on social media will go a long way.

Cover images adapted from (Clockwise from Top Left): @RedSkullxxx, @KBank_Live

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