Grandpa forgets his way home

Thailand has a significant aging population. There are over 10 million people who are 60 years of age – many elders struggle with memory loss, because of age-related neurological changes.

For example, this 90-year-old grandpa, Mr. Nusun Srithanyarat from Loei province wandered off into a forested area and disappeared on 2nd June 2021 at 6.20PM.

Thankfully, police managed to find him a day later, reuniting him with his family. Here’s how the heartwarming reunion played out. 

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90-year-old grandpa goes missing

On Wednesday, 90-year-old Mr. Srithanyarat went out for an evening stroll towards Chareonrat Road. He apparently wandered off into a forested area and ‘disappeared’.

Concerned, one of the grandpa’s relatives reported his disappearance to police officers, along with identifying details of the senior.

He is said to be around 1.65 M tall and was last seen clad in a white shirt with brown shorts, reported Naewna.

Senior found in a bush after a day

Fortunately, the police quickly deduced that grandpa Srithanyarat most likely followed the paths along with the grassy areas that led to where he was found.

On 3rd June 2021 at 6.40PM, Mr. Srithanyarat was found lying in the bushes by the police, thankfully, without any injuries. 

Grandpa Forgets His Way Home & Disappears For 1 Day, Police Find Him In A Bush
Image credit: Naewna

It seems like he was trying to find his way home. The grandfather’s disappearance was attributed to memory loss according to Channel 3 News Thailand

Police rescue efforts praised by locals

Currently, the grandpa has been sent back home. His reunion with his relatives was only possible due to the police force’s quick coordination of the rescue.

Grandpa Forgets His Way Home & Disappears For 1 Day, Police Find Him In A Bush
Grandpa back with his relatives
Image credit: Naewna

A total of 10 police officers were sent out to investigate and join the search efforts.

Grandpa Forgets His Way Home & Disappears For 1 Day, Police Find Him In A Bush
Image credit: Naewna

Locals praised the entire team involved, because they were able to track him down quickly, bringing him home safely to his loved ones.

Always keep your elders close to you

We’re thankful that this grandpa was reunited safely with his family, but we have to acknowledge that age catches up with us eventually.

One day, we’ll have to receive care from others, just like how we should care for our elders now.

Currently, many seniors may struggle with solitude, because they’re unable to go out and socialise like they used to.

This story reminds us that it’s important to check in on them frequently – small acts like giving them a call daily will really brighten their day.

Cover images adapted from: Naewna

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