New drains block water flow

Mention the term “flood” to any Thai person, and they’ll tell you about their experiences about having to walk through knee-deep water, their cars being stuck, or some other epic tale.

Due to the fact that it’s such a widespread problem, municipalities have opted to improve drainage systems. Unfortunately, things don’t always turn out how you expected and can sometimes even result in the opposite of what was intended.

Such was the case for this district in Thailand’s Nonthaburi district.

Let’s see how the road to floods was truly paved with good intentions.

How Thais deal with floods:

Asphalt restricts water flow, causing stagnation

Just like clockwork, flooding is bound to happen on any one of Thailand’s streets. In order to alleviate the problem for residents of Soi Ngamwongwan 23, new sewage systems with manhole coverings were placed alongside the road, along with an asphalt radius to ensure its security.

However, locals discovered that the new water channels were not only unhelpful but were hindering the original one from working properly.

flooding-in-thailandImage credit: Naewna

The asphalt used around the new manholes is said to block the water from getting to the new sewage system as well as going through the original gutters, according to Naewna.

flooding-in-thailandImage credit: Naewna

Local experts talk infrastructure

Naturally, residents were unhappy with the new development. They have since taken to social media to express their views on the new drainage system, such as the Facebook group, เฮ้ย นี่มันฟุตบาทไทยแลนด์. Funnily enough, the group’s name translates to “Hey! This is a Thai footpath.”

flooding-in-thailandThe caption explains how the asphalt from the new sewage system has since blocked the mouth of the original one.
Screenshot: Hey! This is a Thai footpath

The viral post has sparked some discussion amongst Facebook users about the municipality’s decision.

flooding-in-thailandScreenshot: Hey! This is a Thai footpath

Translation: If you live above water, this is pretty “wow!” 

One netizen even offered an explanation of the projected results.

flooding-in-thailandScreenshot: Hey! This is a Thai footpath

Translation: When the pipes are complete, then they will lay asphalt and concrete to level out the entire streets. They will all be one height. 

Other netizens, however, were not as forgiving and even offered a soliloquy.

flooding-in-thailandScreenshot: Hey! This is a Thai footpath

Translation: About 30-50 years before I was born, the nation began to develop. When I was born, the nation was developing. When I am old, the nation will stop developing. When I die, the country remains underdeveloped. 

Finding the humour in situations

It seems like Thailand is known as “The Land of Smiles” for a reason. The fact that locals have created a comedic Facebook page where they share less-than-ideal pavements is proof in itself.

The reactions on the page also show that a sense of humour and solidarity is much appreciated in tricky situations like these.

What do you think? How would you have handled such an event? 

Cover images adapted from (L-R): Naewna

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