Thai citizens queue overnight for free Covid-19 tests

Those in need of a Covid-19 test can take one at many of Thailand’s private hospitals. However, these tests can cost a minimum of ฿2,000 (~USD61.67), and there are unfortunately those who can’t afford these fees.

However, there are some places, like this testing centre at Wat Phra Sri Mahathat Temple in Bangkok, that are offering free Covid-19 tests to the ones in need.

The facility has a limit of 900 Covid-19 tests per day. To ensure they are one of the 900 to get tested the next day, Thai citizens have resorted to queuing overnight.

So, how long exactly is the line? Let’s find out what some residents are doing in order to receive a free Covid-19 test.

Covid-19 updates:

Some Thais bring mats to sleepover at Covid-19 testing centre

On 7th July 2021, some Thai citizens were spotted queuing overnight for free Covid-19 tests at Wat Pra Sri Mahathat Temple in Bangkok, which has a limit of 900 persons tested each day.

The queue apparently began all the way from BTS Wat Pra Sri Mahathat, which is approximately 1KM away from the temple, reported The Standard.

thai-citizens-queue-overnightImage credit: The Standard

For context, the centre usually opens for testing from 8AM – 2PM. However, they have recently allowed people to queue up for a free test from 8PM onwards, leading many to sleep over on the streets, in the hopes that they’ll be first in line to receive a free test the next morning.

Image credit: Kapook via Thai PBS

There were even groups of people who prepared midnight meals and drinks, making it seem like they had no plans to move from their spot in line a.k.a their sleeping area for the night.

thai-citizens-queue-overnightImage credit: The Standard

However, concerns about the lack of social distancing between those waiting for a Covid-19 test have also been raised, according to Kapook.

Covid-19 tests help to ensure we get timely treatment

Covid-19 cases are on the rise and uncertainty can cause more panic amongst the public. This is probably why the general population is braving long queues to get tested.

However, without adhering to proper Covid-19 safety measures, this behavior may cause more cases to arise, rather than help reduce the spread.

It’s important to remember to stay calm and see the positive side of every situation.

Cover images adapted from: Kapook via Thai PBS

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